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1965 spec Austin Healey Mk 2 - SOLD

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1965 Spec Austin Healey Mk2

Weapons grade FIA race car

Arguably the fastest Healey available

FIA HTP until 2025

German Road Registration


Built by the well-known German Böööös team for participation in FIA events and one of the three cars that went on to become the fastest Austin Healeys in Europe.

Built in 2015 with a “money no object attitude”, the car has 280 HP and weighs in just below the homologation weight of 1032kg.

Testing and set up were performed by Audi works driver Frank Stippler.

All safety equipment is in date.


Some specs


Engine and Drivetrain

-280 HP

-Aluminium head

-Steel crankshaft, conrods, flywheel

-Forged Pistons

-Triple Weber

-2993 cc

-Engine has run only 8 of at least 40 hours available

-SCCR gearbox with overdrive

-4.1 Diff ratio that is correct for most tracks.



-New, aluminium doors, fenders, bonnet and boot lid. 

-Lightweight hard top

-Dennis Welch suspension

-Uprated shock absorbers

->110 L Continental safety tank valid until late 2023, can be extended for 2 years.

-Some weight had to be added to reach the homologation weight of 1032kg



Rims and Gearbox available



This car is available at a fraction of the build costs

Road registered in Germany as a 1959 BT7


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