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1992 Galmer Indy - SOLD

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This car was Danny Sullivan's primary car during the 1992 Champ Car season. Sponsored and entered by Kraco of Compton California. Sullivan was partnered by Little Al Unser that year. Sullivan won Long Beach in this car in the famous Long Beach incident of nudging Little Al and then taking the lead for Sullivan to win the race. Sullivan finished fourth at Indy in this car, the same year that Little Al won. Four cars were built, 2 for Unser and 2 for Sullivan. This was Sullivan's primary car. I purchased this car directly from Kraco. It has not run since the 1992 season. If I were to campaign the car in HSR or SVRA today, I would freshen the engine, check the fuel cell and rebuild the hydraulics (brakes, clutch) As with most cars of this type, the ECU was removed by Chevrolet when the car was put up. It will need another such as a Motec to make it run. We have done this with other Indy cars, and have had little trouble in doing so. Engine is an Ilmor/Chevy 265A. We have another car using this engine type and it has been a great engine. Gearbox was designed and manufactured by Kraco, but uses the standard Hewland DGB internal parts just like most Indy cars of this period. Parts are easy to obtain. Otherwise, the car is complete and has only one season running time on it. It will fit large drivers. Comes with starter. It is priced low enough to leave room for the engine rebuild and the smaller maintenance that the car will need to be race ready. In my experience, most buyers will have around $125K in an Indy car when it is ready to go. Please call or email with any questions. We have a lot of experience with these cars.


During the 80s, Lola and March chassis were predominant. Many Champ Car teams sought an advantage by building their own cars. The Galmer was designed by Alan Mertens and funded by Maury Kraine and Rick Galles. Built in the UK, it was ready for the '92 season. This car was campaigned in Kraco colors except for the Indy 500 for which they secured sponsor funding from Molson. For that race it ran in the blue and white Molson colors. Sullivan's best finish in the car that year was at Long Beach where, while running second to teammate Al Unser Jr., Sullivan nudged him and took the lead not to be passed again. Sullivan survived the 1992 Indy 500 "demolition derby" and finished fourth behind Little Al who narrowly won over Scott Goodyear. The car has not run since the 92 season.

Competition History

1st Long Beach, 4th Indy 500
Performance Data

  • Indy Car
  • 1550 lbs
  • Ilmor/Chevrolet
  • Ilmor
  • 265A
  • 2.65 liters
  • approx 750
  • ?
  • Turbocharged, electronic fuel injection
  • Ilmor
  • Ilmor
  • Ilmor
  • Ilmor
  • Ilmor
  • Ilmor
  • Ilmor
  • Ilmor
  • Ilmor 4 cam 32 valves
  • Tilton carbon
  • Tilton
  • Ilmor
  • Galmer
  • One season
  • 92 Indy car season
Fuel System

  • ?
  • original
  • 40 US gallons
  • electric/mechanical
  • methanol
Oil/Water System

  • aluminum - two
  • side pods
  • Ilmor
  • Aluminum
  • side pods
Electrical System

  • Ilmor
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • N/A

  • Kraco/Hewland
  • transaxle
  • 5
  • Galmer
  • yes
  • Original
Rear End

  • See Transmission

  • Carbon fiber, all panels
  • Yellow/Blue
  • Excellent

  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Galmer
  • Carbon fiber
  • excellent
  • Double A-arm with pushrods, no finish, excellent
  • Double A-arm with pushrods, no finish, excellent
  • Monroe? Indy shocks, original
  • AP 4 pot
  • Galmer rack and pinion
  • Technomagnesio 10 x 15, 15 x 15
  • Slicks

  • Starter included