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1989 Lola 89/90 - SOLD

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New update: Motor was lagging at test in February so I've pulled it and sent to Steve Knapp at Elite Engines for a rebuild. So, price is the same, but firm and new owner will get a completely fresh motor in the deal. Huge benefit for you.. Lola S2 89/90 for sale. Set up right and ready to go. Motivated to sell as having two is like having two Helicopters. 2015 HSR Group 7 Vic Elford year end trophy, 2nd twice. Many class wins, podiums in 4 years with me. Well built and maintained S2 in Southeast region. Seen in print many times due to New Fast Forward Aluminum CNC uprights (as seen on this site) with new bearings and full chassis go through when installed. Willans belts good through end of 2018, Carbon fiber undertray and air difusser. Penske shocks and canisters just rebuilt by Penske Inc. Marc Bushman starter, Coleman rotors, PFC pads. Includes extra set of painted Technomagnesios. Worn slicks on all 8, that need to be replaced to get back up front. New aluminum seat bolster. Includes NEW in box HANS bead seat kit. Front Crush Box. New Steering Rack. Mercer steering plates. Honest.....tail and nose a bit heavy over time and paint but looks great on track as you'll recognize it from several magazines with standout color package. Currently on HSR Sebring Spring Fling advertisement. Small spares case with 5 extra gears, new/used ignition items, brake pads, etc.
Performance Data

  • HSR Group 7
  • 1345 lbs
  • Road Atlanta
  • Elite Engines - Steve Knapp
  • Ford
  • 4 cylinder in-line
  • 2 liter
  • 155+
  • 5 1/4 Tilton disc
  • Lightened Steel
Fuel System

  • 110
Oil/Water System

  • yes
  • yes
Electrical System

  • Bosch with ProPower ignition

  • Hewland
  • Mk 8/9
  • 4

  • yes
  • Willans good thru end of 2018
  • Momo Removeable

  • 4 Powder coated Techno-Magnesio
  • 5 extra gear sets
  • Ignition, brake, etc Spares box