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1967 Brabham BT-23B Tasman - SOLD

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We just have preliminary information at this time. This is one of three BT-23Bs constructed with Climax
FPFs for the Intercontinental/Tasman series, however this car was used for hillclimbing in the UK.
The chassis is complete and in good condition if not, in fact, restored. Much of the original alloy
panels and tankage are with the car. The steering system is complete, The corners are mostly there
but mostly unrestored. One front wishbone is new and all four original cast magnesium uprights are
with the car. A restorable body and wheels are also with the car as is much running gear. There is
no engine or gearbox.


UK hillclimbed by Mike Howley in 1967.

Competition History



  • none
  • accepted 2 litre Climax FPF
Fuel System

  • original RHS alloy tank
Oil/Water System

  • original front oil/water rad present but in need of restoration
  • no swirl pot
  • no oil tank
Electrical System

  • none

  • original restorable glassfibre nose and cowling, new F2 type tail cover
  • original broken windscreen

  • original mild steel spaceframe in good condition
  • the engine bay of these three cars was lengthened for accomodate the FPF
  • the chassis was blasted and the odd tube replaced and then painted but the finish is not exemplary
  • tbd
  • double wishbone, original wishbones except for 1 new
  • top link, lower reversed wishbone, dual trailing rods
  • proprietry rack, complete
  • full set of alloy calipers and discs, one broken disc
  • full set of original Brabham wheels


  • original steering wheel
  • original dash and plaque
  • full set of instruments (the tach is not a chronometric)

  • none