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1960 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite - SOLD

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1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite race car with log books, open trailer, and spares. ALL STEEL BODY! It has a 948 cc engine that qualifies it for elite vintage events, and has run many times in the Wine Country Classics in Sonoma and the Coronado Speed Festival in San Diego. It continues to be invited to race or display in exclusive vintage events. The car is a recognized in the SVRA Gold Medallion Car Certification Program. Vintage SCCA logbook 19-333 (2 of 3 vintage books, one was lost), and new logbooks from current period, including one for Gold Medallion program. About 12:1 cr, ported and polished cylinder head, cc’d chambers. Dual timing chain with adjustable lightened sprockets. Con rods trued, lightened, balanced and shot pended. Polished crank with Metalistic front damper, lightened steel flywheel and 1-1/4 nine-spring clutch, balanced as an assembly. Rear brake cylinders installed at last service, system completely flushed, shoes and pads are within spec. Safety: Original SCCA rollbar with stamped numbers. Recaro high-top race seat. Front tow hook. Usual prep before every race: Check compression, adjust the valves, check front wheel bearings, check transmission fluid (straight 50 wt), check differential oil (GL4), check wheel alignment, inspect brake pads and shoes, adjust rear brakes, flush brake fluid system with Castrol dot 4, change engine oil (20/50 Kendall or Brad Penn engine oil). Trailer: Vintage custom built tilt-bed steel rail trailer with current registration. The trailer has a hand winch for easy loading. Tires are 2 years new. Motor has some hours on it, but it is ready to race. I don’t drive it hard. It doesn’t smoke, doesn’t burn oil, it maintains same oil pressure as when it was first built, and doesn’t otherwise show signs of fatigue. Minimal blow-by as oil catch tank is always dry. It is never a bad idea to refresh a motor.


The car was campaigned as #15 in the day by the original owner, Jim Widgery and family. In 1976, it competed in the 1976 SCCA runoffs at Road Atlanta. It was stored for more than 20 years, sold and restored in 2005, and then actively campaigned recently for more than 10 years with VARA, General Racing, HMSA, and SVRA. VARA HP1 champion 5 times and also won the Sprite Challenge race at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in 2012. This car is well known in the California racing community and is possibly the only period-correct Bugeye Sprite race car on the west coast.

Competition History

VARA HP1 champion 5 times and won the Sprite Challenge race at Buttonwillow in 2012
Performance Data

  • HP1
  • 1372 lbs
  • 113 mph at Fontana AAA on the oval
  • BMC
  • 948 cc +.040
  • ~75 at flywheel
  • HS2 1-1/4 carbs
  • Ported & polished, cc matched chambers
  • 948 BMC
  • Center steel strap
  • Polished crank with Metalistic front damper
  • Crowther
  • flat-top Venolia pistons
  • Schneider competition cam
  • Isky valve springs, hardened lifters
  • 1-1/4 nine-spring clutch
  • lightened steel flywheel
  • LCB header
Fuel System

  • 10 years
  • 5 gallon
  • race fuel 100
Oil/Water System

  • Speedwell aluminum
  • Modified water pump with thermostat blanking sleeve
  • Harrison oil cooler
  • Remote filter
Electrical System

  • Electronic
  • none
  • light weight
  • Transponder hardwired

  • BMC
  • Ribbed case/straight-cut close-ratio
Rear End

  • BMC
  • 3.9.1 ratio
  • Detroit locker limited-slip
  • Up-rated Winner Circle rear axle shafts

  • All steel body
  • French blue
  • Excellent

  • 11/16-inch sway bar
  • Front spring lowering kit, uprated front dampers
  • Panhard rod rear suspension, re-arc'ed rear springs
  • Competition valve front shock absorbers
  • Front disc, rear drums
  • Rack and pinioin
  • Minilight repros, 2 sets
  • Hoosier street TD plus extra roll arounds

  • Grey
  • 5 lb
  • 5 point
  • Tach, oil, water
  • Custom
  • Sparce for racing

  • Custom open tilt trailer
  • Various cranks, a small main 1100. Some may be worn out.
  • Second set Minilight repros with roll-around tires
  • Complete 4.22 differential, open
  • Set of Comptune through-bore 1-1/4” SUs with flow-matched manifold.
  • Car cover
  • Various cam shafts, maybe a Schneider copy of a factory 649 cam. Some may be wor
  • Several boxes of small parts and spares.