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Audi DTM 2007

Raced in the 2007 and 2008 DTM seasons, since 2013 doing hillclimbs in Spain, current Spanish Hillclimb Champion



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1967 Big Block Camaro Super Pro drag car.

Original 1967 big block production SS Camaro. Street car for many years then converted to drag racing "footbrake" class in 1990; then modified to run in Super Pro and other "electronic" classes in 2001. Constructed and driven by current owner, some w



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Was raced in the 100 yard sand drags in Washougal Washington and surrounding areas from the late 70's until 2003. Was very well know and very fast with original 400 hp. Now has 650hp.



Race Cars

Sell Chevron B48 formula 2

Production: 1979 1979-1980-1981: Europe's championship of formula 2 1982-2007: Local uphill races in france.