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Alfa Romeo C43 F1 Show Car

$ 80,000

Two 1971 Lotus 69 FB/Atlantic - SOLD

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For sale Belive to beLotus 69’s 71/69.3.FB Couture/McConnell and 71/69.7.FB. Cocunis. Would like to sell both in a package. Link below to pictures. Located southeast of Sacramento. Pictures are back when new.

Cars are in need of finishing. Most of the parts  included  to finish both cars. 

Open for bids or offers. Call with questions. cell 253-332-3157 Greg

Lotus 69 # 7 & #3 parts not installed on car

Wheels 2-8” 4-10” 4-12” 4-14” Bent 1-10” 1-12”

Body Parts 1 side pod 4 noses 3 upper body’s

3 windscreens 2 new 1 used

Wings 2 rear 1 new 1 used 4 front wings new

Fuel Cells and bladders 5 side bladders 2 rear bladders 2 rear fuel cells new?,

Facet fuel pump

2 aluminum adaptor plates, 2 FT200 adaptor, 2 used radiator 2 FT200 manuals, Knock off tool, Springs 4 fronts 6 rears, 3 swirl tanks 2 new 1 used, Supper trap muffler, Catch tank bracket, Miscellaneous hoses, Smith tac Smith oil and water gage, Pair or California mirrors, 2 used throttle cables ,2 used tac cables, 2 Catch tank bottles, 2 rear half shafts with bolts, 2 rear upper cross members for both frames, Exhaust tail pipe brace, Unknown brackets, Mirror mounts, 2 front axles, 3 front uprights. 1 Catch tank breather, 3 fire bottles 1 new 2 used plus one in car #7, 3 sway bars 1 front 2 rear plus ones on car#7, Old fuel lines, 1 Oil gauge pressure line ,Battery cables, 2 Oil tanks lines 2, FT200 one complete one not complete ,2 FT200 input shaft new 1 used, 1 FT main shaft, 9 FT dog rings ,FT Clutch arm and throw out bearing, FT 5 shift forks, FT rear cover and nuts, 8 FT gear sets, 1 FT reverse gear, 5 FT side case bearings, FT shaft gear bearings, 4 FT bearing carrier bearings, 3 FT main shaft case bearing 1, 2 slave cylinders, FT shift shaft seal kit, Hewland ID plate, Misc. FT bolts,washers, 2 steering wheels one complete one frame only, Rear wing mounts?, 3 Front wing mounts, 2 large flex donuts,2 shift linkage ,3 roll bar braces, 2 steering shafts 1 bent, 3 rear trailing arms 2 short 1 longer 2 unknown trailing arm maybe lower, rear 2 oil tanks 1 new with oil cooler, 1 Twin cam header, 1 BDA header,1 Tilton clutch dual with 4 disc., 1 half shaft yoke, 2 Remote oil filter case, 2 fuel tank neck. ,Brake bias cable ,Thermostat housing neck, 6 motor mounts some new, 2 unknow brackets wing? Sway bar links 2 front 2 rear, Assorted bolts nuts rod ends etc , 6 front wing plate adjusters, 7 quick release oil line fittings, sway bar mounting blocks 4 pairs front and rear, 1 starter nose case 3 starters, 1 formed aluminum sheet maybe for behind seat, 1 rear upright and axle, 1 12V cut off switch, 1 Fuel regulator, Carb brackets, rain light and mount, 2- ignition coils with 4 mounts, 1 ESS fire system recharge kit and tubing with fittings, 4 rear side pods end plates and brackets, Alignment plates, 5 lower front A arms, 1 rear lower A arms ,3 front upper A arms, 2 59 front upper A arms 1 damaged ,2 short steering arms, Complete left and right rear suspension with axles, brakes. (Not installed on #7 yet), Jennings BDA, Dave Bean Lotus full race twin cam

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