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$ 19,500

Modified Formula Mazda 240 hp - SOLD

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Raced for many years as a FM with multi-time race and championship winner and lap record setter on West Coast.    Subsequently professional upgraded  with enhanced performance and maintained to be a practice/training car for vintage F1 and FA drivers.  Great fun to drive with more power and grip. Yet no more maintenance than a standard FM.  

American spec motor by  Drummond race engines with light weight rotors,  modified street porting and ceramic seals.   Fresh off dyno after gone through by Drummond making a reliable 241 Hp at 8300 rpm.  Runs on same unleaded fuel as FM and goes for 40+ hours.

Tilton flywheel and racing clutch 

 Transmission :  
    Rino case   MK5 conversion  Quaife Differential

Front four piston calipers     Ventilated Disc    

Enhanced cooling : Larger Rt side radiator  Properly ducted cooling exit ducting
SPA Digital readout with displayed and in helmet shift lights
Set up for Radio
Wired with sensors for CDS onboard computer system
Setup for Chase Cam video system
Sheeted front nose subframe
Kevlar panels under aluminum sheet both sides

Suspension :  Properly made rockers and A-arms.  Full set spares an Jigs/templets/machined pieces to make many more
Rear suspension computer reconfigured for proper roll center and weight transfer control along with proper tire wear
(if you’ve ever seen the original FM suspension geometry computer results you know how bad it is)

Recently rebuilt by PSI  Koni shocks

Wheels : two sets BBS 10 / 12 inch rims

Includes rotary compression tester

Spares are massive and too numerous to list in their entirety so pictures are provided.  

Does include:

spare/painted side pods, nose, front nose subframe, assembled upright Front/Rear, Drive line components, suspension and much much more..

Located at Sonoma Raceway, CA

Priced at $19,500       (what the motor cost ! )


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