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$ 26,500

Crossle 25/32F Club Ford SOLD - SOLD

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Crossle 25/32F  Club Ford


This car served as a backup car, was stripped down and reassembled to professional standards but never actually used so it has zero track time since finished. Any parts considered questionable or worn beyond acceptable specifications were replaced.

Disassembled completely and rebuilt with Chassis updated to 30/32 specs. Consider it a 32F with the slightly shorter wheelbase of a 25F .
 Items left for new owner preferences are : Seat Belts,  Mirrors  placement (set of original included), steering wheel.  Adjust pedals and fit heel rest to suit.

There are lower priced cars available but considering most FF's are a minimum of 25 years and vintage ones 40 to 50 years old is it worth paying a lower price and then spending thousands in the first year or two replacing all the old/worn out parts that are of unknown condition.  And find out the hard/expensive way by missing a race weekend or DNF a weekend because of the unknowns.
Chassis :
    Completely stripped to bare metal.  
    Rear of chassis updated to 30/32 configuration other than extra length of engine bay.   
    Power coated
    Fitted with new sheet aluminum. Full belly pan with removable engine bay section.
Plumbing :
    All new AN hoses, brake - clutch - oil
    All new (4) brake discs with  (4) LD19 Calipers .  
    Extended MC mounting for ease of service
    Left foot brake pedal added.
    Cockpit Adj Brake Bias
Suspension : Aluminum Front Hubs
    Updated Ft camber adjustment arms
    Updated Rear lower arms for easy toe adjustment
    Freshly rebuild by PSI Koni DBL adjustable shocks
    Aluminum radiator
Electrics :
    New XLT Starter Motor
    Stack Tach with recall/shift light ability
    Hi Intensity Rain Lite
    Hewland MK9 with inboard brakes
    New Hewland Pinion Bearing
    New Hewland Reverse shift fork
Gears :
    Includes the following : Fitted 17/34  20/31  22/29 23/27   
    Additional 18/33 19/32 21/30 22/29 24/28 25/27 25/26
Clutch :
    New Tilton single plate race clutch
    New Clutch Slave Cylinder
    Correctly positioned throw out lever
Engine :
    Zero time Ivy fresh off the Dyno.  Build with all NEW parts other than listed below.  
    Only used parts, which were judged just fine by Ivy, are :     Intake manifold and carb, Flywheel, oil pan.
    115+ Hp over  600 rpm, Fat Torque curve from 4300 rpm up
Body Work :
    32 style
    Fresh paint
    Narrow nose
    One short tail engine cover fitted and painted with internal heat shielding and air cleaner
    One long tail, rough fitted and unpainted including aluminum extended tray pieces
Wheels :
    Four Revolution rims
    Fitted unused but 1 year old Hoosier Tires
Hardware :
    Almost all AN/Grade 8

Comes with ”extra parts” pictured including (might be useful in a pinch)
    Original Lower rear arms + repaired updated lower arms : Camber link : two upper & one lower trailing links : upper clevis
    Original front upper arms : steering tie rod
    Older exhaust : electric fuel pump and line : New water pump and Misc small parts


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