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1986 Swift DB-1 - SOLD

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1986 Swift DB-1 FF Features of the DB-1 were acclaimed in a March 1984 Road and Track article, "Swift DB-1 Testing the new Formula Ford National Champion, by Peter Egan: Very aerodynamic with extremely small frontal area w/ small heavily triangulated foot well with internal shocks/springs over drivers knees behind the instrument panel actuated by innovative rocker arms, pushrods, bell cranks. The radiator is located behind the driver just aft of the thickest part of the bodyshell with NACA ducts on either side of the body. The piece de resistance in all this slimness is the cast aluminum bellhousing between the engine and the transaxle. Besides a bellhousing, it is the dry sump oil reservoir, motor mount, a rear suspension pickup platform, anti-roll bar bracket and container for the inboard rear shocks and springs. Nothing like it before or since in FF's. It's design was/is a wider track with a longer 96" wheelbase. This DB-1 is in excellent condition and was fully prepped (New, unused Tilton clutch & new slave cylinder/rebuilt mstr. cyl., new brake pads, fluids, valves adjusted, aluminum head torqued, corner weighted, oil/filter, etc.) to race in the 2019 season by Frank Monise Motors, Monrovia, CA but only 2 track days since thorough tune/set up. The car was rebuilt in approx. 2009 or 2010 by Graham Collins Racing, Santa Ana, CA. The engine is a Jay Ivey rebuild in approx. 2015 w/ 10 - 15 race week ends and is very strong. The frame, body, engine, transaxle/diff, suspension (Fast Forward & Swift uprights), wheels/tires and instruments are excellent. The car was painted in Sept., 2018 with high gloss Sherman Williams 3rd Dimension Urethane Enamel w/ new livery and 2 race week ends since. 2 small cracks in paint and one small edge damage in body. There is a new engine cover/wing w/ new K&N cone air filter and new lower rear panel. The Hoosier VFF treaded tires on the car have 9 heat cycles. One set of spare Panasport rims come w/ car. A new 8K Stack tach and S&W water temp gauge were installed within the last year, as was a new Odyssey battery. All ignition parts and wires were either replaced or verified near new within the last two years. Brakes renewed within the last year. +$1000 for $3K - $5K in new and used spares, including 24 sets of gears and 8 spare Panasports, 4 w/ worn American Racing slicks, 4w/ Dunlop Racing treaded of unknown age, and all body panels, plus much more. See list


The arrival of the first Swift, the DB-1, in 1983 was/is revolutionary in FF design. It's innovations were hugely acclaimed. As Peter Egan noted, first "glimpse" was that "...of a knife-narrow racing car with a fighter plane nose and its tail stretched rearward like a flying cape." The design was by David Bruns, construction by Paul White, organized by Alex Cross and driven by R.K. (Bob) Smith to win the '84 National Runoffs among 40 cars - after spinning mid race. Smith had only had one afternoon of testing and was just out of the hospital having been ill the last half of the season. Following the DB-1 were the DB-3 F2000 and DB-6 FF/F2000, but the DB-1 still dominates even among decades later designs. Earliest log books show this car began racing in New England/New York SCCA Regions with many wins/podiums and several owners until it came to California in 2009. It was rebuilt/restored soon there after by Graham Collins Racing, Santa Ana, CA. The previous owner to me, Phil Stratford and driver Mark Stratford acquired it at that time as one of their FF's intended for training for their 2 Benetton F1 cars. I acquired the car in 2016 and began racing it the end of 2016 through late 2018.

Competition History

2017/2018: 3 third places, 1 second place in FFN/FFM class and third in FFM class for 2017 & 2018 season points.
Performance Data

  • FFNew, FFModern
  • 950 lbs
  • 1:29's sec
  • Willow Springs Intl. Raceway
  • Jay Ivey
  • Ford
  • Kent Crossflow
  • 1600cc
  • 110 - 116
  • 105 lb-ft
  • Weber down draft (2V)
  • J. Ivey Aluminum
  • Iron
  • FF Rules
  • 10/10 SCAT
  • FF Rules
  • J. Ivey/CP
  • FF Rules
  • FF Rules
  • FF Rules
  • FF Rules
  • FF Rules
  • FF Rules
  • Swift tuned
  • Approx 15 - 25 Hrs.
  • Approx. 25 - 30
  • Compression 130 on all 4 cylinders, hot
Fuel System

  • Harmon
  • 1 year
  • 6 - 7 Gal
  • Mechanical
  • 100 Octane
Oil/Water System

  • Swift Aluminum
  • Behind driver and fire wall
  • Swift
  • None
Electrical System

  • Pertronix
  • None
  • Odyssey
  • AIM Optical Lap Timer
Rear End

  • Hewland
  • Mark 9
  • Hewland
  • 10:31
  • Half Shafts

  • Fiberglass
  • Red
  • Sherman Williams 3rd Dimension Urethane Enamel
  • Very Good to Excellent
  • 1 Small paint crack and 1 small fiberglass damage

  • Spaceframe
  • Swift
  • Mild Steel Tube
  • Paint
  • Excellent
  • Upper rocker arms, drop links and bell cranks, lower A-arms, coil overs, anti-roll bar
  • Upper rocker arms, lower A-arms, coil overs, anti-roll bar
  • Penske
  • Discs, New pads
  • Rack and Pinion
  • Panasport Center Lock
  • Hoosier VFF treaded 6 heat cycles

  • Black, unfinished
  • frame and fiberglass
  • Driver actuated engine and cockpit
  • 6 point OMP good until 2021
  • New Stack 8K Tach, New S&W water temp and S&W oil pressure
  • Racing Yoke
  • Very good - Excellent

  • $1000 for $3K - $5K New and Used spares
  • 24 sets of gears
  • All body panels painted (but one)
  • 8 Panasport wheels, 4 w/AR Slicks, 4w/ Dunlop Racing treaded
  • Many New and Used suspension, electronic & other
  • Boxes of fittings, connectors, fasteners
  • Spare Radiator, Fire supression, Exhaust header/pipe/muffler
  • Rebuilt starter, uprights, brakes, much more