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1999 Reynard Champ Car - SOLD

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This car was driven by Paul Tracey & Dario Franchitti during the 1999 Champ Car season. This car was originally powered by a 2.65L turbo charged V8 that made 900hp. The engine was removed an returned to HPD. As you can see the car is very complete, less engine. It was used as a show car bt Team Green and Andretti Autosport. The paint is really nice so there is no need to repaint unless you want it back to the KOOL sponsorship livery. This is a great car that would require minimal work to convert it to the engine of your choice. Most rollers like this are offered for sale are not complete and it can be very expensive to locate and obtain the parts needed to build a proper road track race car.
Performance Data

  • Champ car
  • AP 4.5''
Fuel System

  • 18 years
  • waterman
Oil/Water System

  • Calsonic
Electrical System

  • PI

  • Xtrac
  • 6 speed
  • Calsonic

  • Carbon Fiber

  • Carbon Fiber
  • R/C
  • R/C
  • Ohlins TT-44
  • Brembo
  • BBS
  • Firestone display

  • none