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1987 Ralt RT 5 - SOLD

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Complete, accident free and running car. Body removed for photos and inspection. Car originally ran the pro Super V series and then as a Formula Atlantic. Then it ran as a C Sports Racer. Two complete body types come with the car. CSR - Beasley lightweight body and wing in very good condition (white) with 2 spare noses. FA - body is red, shows normal wear. This is a well prepared and cared for race car. The owner passed away suddenly and the car has just recently been made available for sale. Owner drove car in SCCA and SVRA events through 2010. He was an amateur racer in the best spirit of the sport. His love and enthusiasm for the sport is reflected in the care and dedication he showed in preparing the car No corners cut, owner was a rocket scientist. Full documentation and set-up notes come with the car. It needs a new home
Performance Data

  • CSR, FA, Super V
  • 1001 lbs
  • Bertil
  • V W
  • "square motor"
  • 1835 cc
  • 235
  • Motronic FI
  • Carillo
  • full race
  • dry sump
Fuel System

Oil/Water System

  • yes
  • side pod
  • yes
  • yes
  • side pod
Electrical System

  • Motronic FI
  • AMDAS (Data Acquisition), Longacre Hot Laps

  • Hewland
  • Mark 9
  • 5 speed
  • Spa shift light
Rear End

  • Heewland
  • trans ax
  • 10:31

  • fiberglass
  • for CSR - white
  • very good
  • for FA - red

  • monocoque
  • Ralt
  • aluminum
  • very good
  • Penske 8700 series
  • AP
  • BBS
  • Hoosier

  • aluminum
  • yes
  • yes
  • Stack tac
  • Momo
  • very good

  • rain tires on Momo wheels
  • suspension and engine spares available
  • bicycle wheels, front, for moving car
  • 2 CSR Beasley noses
  • alternate rear wing configuration