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1994 Ralt RT-41 - SOLD

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Ralt RT41 Toyota Formula Atlantic Offered for sale is this Ralt RT41 Toyota Chassis #17. We are comfortable stating that this car may be the fastest, most reliable RT41 you will find. This car has over 60 National & Pro Wins, track records and general history of being very quick. Its last event was a pole position and 2 podium finishes in the Atlantic Championship Series at NJMP in a field of Swift .014’s and .016’s. PRICE INCLUDES: - RT- 41 Chassis #RT17 as last raced - Staffs Gearbox - Loynings Toyota 1600 Motor (192 miles - 1 event) - 2nd Loynings Toyota 1600 Motor (600 miles) - Penske Shocks - PI Dash and data - 20 Wheels - Spare noses (Hi and Low), side pods, covers, front wing assemblies, rear wing assemblies, some brand new never used - 74 gear sets (many brand new) - Scales and pads, gearbox jig - Enormous spares package. Call to find out more but if you ask we probably have it. New rotors, used rotors, fuel injection, extra PI- II, New carbon clutch, used clutches, calipers, camber blocks, rear axles (brand new), oil tank, ring & pinions, transmission, A-arms, starter motors, bearings, master beacon, Braille batteries, a lot of springs, and most of the rare and weird parts that nobody ever has. This is a partial list. I have boxes and tool box drawers full of RT41 stuff. We have nearly extra everything except tub. - $55,000


Ex Villeneuve, Barbosa, LeCain

Competition History

Over 60 SCCA National Wins, SCCA Major wins, Multiple Championships, Formula Atlantic Championship Pole and Podium
Performance Data

  • FA
  • 1225 lbs
  • Loyning
  • TRD
  • Toyota 4AG
  • 1600
  • 250
  • 192 miles
  • 1
  • Engine in car used one event (NJMP), 2nd engine 690 miles
Fuel System

Electrical System

  • Braille
  • PI2

  • Staffs
  • 5-speed
  • H

  • White

  • Ralt
  • Penske

  • Suspension pieces
  • spare tunnels, covers, engine cover, roll bar cover
  • Carbon clutches, rotors, calipers, pads
  • 17 wheels ready to go + 3 needing minor repair
  • 2 COMPLETE hi noses, 2 COMPLETE low noses
  • staffs jig, pinion jig, scales + platform, alignment bars
  • transmission, oil tank, engine
  • Ask...we probably have it