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1979 Mazda RX7 - SOLD

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Not your typical Spec RX7, IT7/ITA racer. This is a highly developed former SCCA Limited Prep E Production car that was converted to Steel body configuration to run SVRA Group 8 C Production in 2014. Safe, Reliable, Affordable to maintain, Runs legal in all popular race organizations - EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE. Discription: SVRA/HSR/VRG legal as well as easily adaptable to other SCCA or NASA spec classes. Numerous wins in SVRA since recongifured in both the Sprint and Endurance Series - Pocano/Mid Ohio/Watkins Glen - Always a top contender VIR/Indy etc. Podium finisher overall several times beating the faster A/B Production cars. Engine: Fresh 13B Street Port built by SDJ with only 3 weekends use. BEST of EVERYTHING! Iannetti ceramic apex seals, lightened high compression rotors, SDJ prepped/trick Weber 48 mm IDA with 44 mm venturis. SDJ flow tuned intake and modified distriutor. Dual MSD ignition systems with dual MSD Blaster coils feeding Accel silicone wires. Canton Accusump with electronic solenoid. Full custom header/exhaust with SS Magna Flow silencer - noise legal all tracks run - no issues. Cold Air Box feeding from Dual K&N air cleaners. Griffin oversized Al radiator with electric cooling fan. Baffled/high capacity oil pan. Underdrive pulleys. Modified reverse flow oiling system with remote oil filter and huge oil cooler. Dyno'd 250 + HP in current street port configuration. Drive Train: Prather built Trax Close ratio tranny - 3 weekends old. Quarter master V Drive dual 5.5"clutch and PP 3 weekends old, Mazda Speed Al flywheel with lightened balancers. 4.89 Posi rearend. 2 piece balanced driveshaft with center bearing support. Custom Moser Engineering axles with HD Al rear axle bearing retainers. Suspension: Koni double adjustsble Al shocks frt and Rr. Built by True Choise to car specs - Dyno curves available. G Force Tri Link rear suspension with Panhard Bar. Completely adjustable- all heim jointed links. G Force coil over strut conversion with turn in spacers. Rear jacking plates. Fully adjustable camber/caster plates. Tubular - fully adjustable front sway bars. Brakes KC Raceware Al 2 pc bearing carrier with legal Speedway cut down vented rotors front, GSL-SE legal big brakes - rear. All SS lines. Mazda Speed frt cooling ducts. Body: Solid square chassis. All steel with legal roled fender flairs. All new front sheet metal and fresh paint. Currently equipped with IMSA styled full FG front air damn and rear spoiler. Stock valance supplied. Car scales incredible well and requires ballast to meet Min. Wt. Super safe role cage with dual side style side bars extending well into the drivers door and petty bar. All plexi windows. Windshield has a chip guard protector. Braille 11 pound dry cell in 2016. ATL 22 gallon fuel cell with new foam 2015. Holley fuel pump/pressure regulator/HydroMatt dual fuel tank pick- ups. Kirky containment seat fully adjustable for various driver hts/confort. Full Auto Meter gauges - 7" Tac, oil temp/pressure, water temp, volts. Dual exhaust temp thermocouples. Innovate wide range exhauts sensor. SPA fire system. Panasport 15 x 7 Ultra Lite race wheels - your choice of new Hoosier R7's or Yokahama RA1's. Spares: available seperately - too much to list - 2 additional sets of Panasport wheels. New set of mounted full tread Toyo rains. 4 sets of 2/3 weekend Yokes/Hoosiers with plenty of tread - all tires bagged. Two transmissions - one converted Miata/one stock both minimal use since freshened. NEW suspension bushings/bearings, hydraulic brake and clutch masters and slaves, caliper rebuilds, hoses. Quarter Master clutch spares. Engine rotor/housings/end plates/ water pump/alternator. Drive shaft yokes/joints, axles . New Hawk front and rear brake, pads plus tons of half used pads. KC Al hubs, new rotors - frt/rear etc etc - the more you buy the cheaper it gets. Base car as discibed above $16,500 Currently priced at about $.33 cents on the original build costs plus updates done last year - expendables not included. I have all the receipts. You won't be disapponted. Willing to deal on a comprehensive package to meet your neads. The car will be at the HSR Road Atlanta Mitty the end of April - stop by and take a look - OR better yet buy it - Take over my entry and I'll deliver it and help get you familiarized with the car.


Initially dedicated Solo car from Ohio. Turned into a highly competitve SCCA Limited Prep E production car by an employee of Speed Source on the Mid 2000's. Converted to Vintage C Production specs in 2014. Just freshened with new paint - Looks Great - turn key for 2018.

Competition History

Incredible win record to date with SVRA in Grp 8 C production. Dual wins in Sprints and Enduros at Pocono/Mid Ohio/Walkins Glen 2015/2017 -Front runner at Indy/VIR.
Performance Data

  • Grp 8 C Prod Vintage
  • 2000 lbs
  • 2:14 sec
  • Watkins Glen
  • SDJ - Stan The Man
  • Mazda
  • Rotary 13B
  • 13 B
  • 250 at current state
  • Flat - dyno Sht
  • Weber - Modified/trick SDk 48mm IDA - 44 mm venturis - street port - mod intake system
  • Micro polished
  • Quarter Master Dual Disc 5.5
  • Quarter Master
  • Al - Speed Source
  • Custom long tube primary to a custom Burns col to a 3
  • 3 weekends
  • 3 since freshened
Fuel System

  • ATL
  • New Foam 2015
  • 22
  • Holley
  • 93 - 100 Octane
Oil/Water System

  • Griffin
  • Front
  • Mazda
  • Modine
  • Front
Electrical System

  • MSD
  • Mazda
  • Bariell Dry Cell

  • Trax - Prather built
  • CR
  • 5
  • 3 weekends
Rear End

  • Mazda
  • Solid Axle - with 3 Link and Panhard
  • 4.89
  • Posi
  • Moser

  • All steel - FG IMSA nose air damn and rear spoiler
  • Black
  • Fresh Black single stage
  • Just painted and Prepped - with new front sheet metal and air damn
  • Looks GREAT - Solid /Square Chassis

  • Unibody with structural cage
  • Cage - Speed Sourse / Jim Fitz
  • Steel/Al
  • Nice !
  • Very Good
  • Coil Over Struts - Koni double adjustable. G Force Updates.
  • Solid axle - 4 link with Panhard bar - Adjustable Coil overs
  • Koni Al body - double adjustable - built by True Choice for car
  • KC Vented 2 pc with Al hubs / cast Iron hats
  • Stock with Quick ratio steering arms
  • Panasport 15 x7 Ultra Lites - 3 sets avaiable
  • Hoosier/Yokahama/New Toyo Rains

  • Black paint / Al panels
  • Steel/Al
  • SPA - multiple outlet
  • Fia Belts/Kirky containment seet
  • Autometer - Oil Pres/Temp and Water temp. & 7
  • Momo with quick detach
  • Excellent

  • Available - extra cost - complete package negotiable
  • Spare engine parts/water pum/alternator/clutch harware
  • Two transmisions - Miata/Stock
  • Additional body panels - tub - full suspension
  • Additional sets of Panasport wheels/new Mounted Toyo rains. Hoosier/Yoke new/use
  • New Hawk frt & Rr pads/rotors/hubs - 1/2 used of same
  • Complete New hydaulic brake/clutch components