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1969 Kellison Vintage Formula Vee "ex- Kalka ex-Nelson" - SOLD

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restored and race ready This is one of dozen F/V 's by Jim Kellison. Jim was a Korean War Pilot, and in the late 50 & 60's was always on the front edge of car design. He is famous for the beautiful Kellison J5 Coupes. This 1969 model was one of the early low profile 'laydown' cars allowed in Vintage Racing. This particular Vee was first raced by Steve Kalka. Steve was a machinist, and the car shows many first-class innovative ideas in early Formula Vee, as well as first-class chassis mechanics and machine work. Frank Nelson of the Blackhawk area was the next owner. Frank kept the car in meticulous condition. During it's racing career, the car changed paint schemes several times. We stripped numerous coats of paint, and completely refinished the bodywork. At the same time, we returned the car to Vintage cooling, with new fan, tin, etc, while retaining some of the forced air cooling as well. Since completeion, the car has recently been run at one two day VDCA race at Roebling Road, Savannah, without problems. It has a VDCA logbook. Except for the alternator, to my knowledge it is prepared to Monoposto Rules and is SCCA Vintage compliant and a re-issue of it's SCCA Logbook # 35-018 is expected. Besides many other SCCA events, Nelson raced the car at both the 35th and 40th F/V Anniversaries. We missed the 45th, as the car was being refinished. Car has NEW Hoosier treaded tires, and NEW belts, required cooling fan, with alternator not generator. The car is race ready. You could fly to Atlanta and race it in February Cockpit accepts my 5' 11" 190lb body. That is about the height/wt limit. Email for more pictures, are quite detailed, and show the car as raced at Roebling. The Transducer is the registered property of the driver, and is not included with the car. includes trailer and substantial spares, mostly new, and definitely no old junk parts., includes a spare BRE engine, and has both long and shortboxes ( one is in the car). Also includes a set of mounted slicks, which of course, are not Vintage legal. Car is for sale locally at our shop,


see desrciption.... ex-Kalka. ex-Nelson ... raced at 35th and 40th F/V Anniversary eventsEngine
  • see description
  • Vintage prepared to Monoposto Rules
Fuel System

  • ATL
  • 2010
  • 100

  • BRE

  • see description