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1980 Lola T590 - SOLD

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Fire Sale: reduced 50% 18-Oct - wife's going to burn it, so get it now. Last campaigned in the 1990s for Runoffs at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - setup by Randy Hartman for Steve and Cory Fergus, this specimen has been stored for the last two decades and looks like it rolled out of a time-capsule from that era. Of course, that also means work required to enter it in the historic racing class. Rollbar is stamped with (presumably SCCA) “22552” – and I (unfortunately) no longer possess the racing log books (but perhaps some research or a phone call to Randy on your part can validate its pedigree in racing history). This example is 100% complete and includes many spare items: wheels, radiators, quick- change gears for the transaxle, suspension components, bodywork, etc. You will recognize this Lola as the real deal – with only 45 chassis fabricated in 1980. It is chassis# “HU9” (9th of 45).
Performance Data

  • Sport 2000
  • 1056 lbs
  • Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
  • Ford N.E.A
  • (Pinto) OHC
  • 2L
Fuel System

  • 8.5 US Gallon
Oil/Water System

  • Twin
  • sides
  • dry-sump
  • rear

  • Hewland
  • Mk.9
  • quick-change
  • 4-speed

  • Fiberglass
  • red/yellow/green
  • Good

  • Monocoque
  • Lola
  • Aluminum & steel
  • Excellent
  • Tubular dbl-wishbone, no finish, original
  • Tubular lower wishbone w/upper link, no finish, original
  • Koni double-action gas-filled, 1990s
  • Lockheed steel calipers, solid discs
  • Rack and pinion
  • 6" x 13" Aluminum Alloy
  • Goodyear (expired)

  • yes
  • racing harness (expired)
  • Tach, Water temp, oil pressure

  • Wheels (all four)
  • Radiators (twin)
  • Wishbones (front and rear)
  • Quick-change gears
  • Main crossmember
  • Racing Jack
  • Rear body