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2010 Dodge Viper ACR-X - SOLD

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This car is turnkey. We had prepped the car for the 2019 SCCA season. Then plans changed. New Prefix motor, cool suit, data acquisition, extra wheels/ tires. Car ran several seasons in the Viper Racing League and then ran as a track car. Fully prepped for 2017 SCCA Runoffs where it placed 2nd in T-1 with extra weight and restrictor plates. Podiums last season with no DNFs.
Performance Data

  • SCCA GT1/GT2
  • 3200 lbs
  • Dodge
  • Prefix
  • 8.4L
  • 765
  • 686
  • Dyno Time Only
Fuel System


  • Blue/Black
  • Very Good
  • No frame damage

  • Black
  • Yes

  • 2 sets stock 18
  • Mounted rains; several sets DOT racing tires.