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Chevron B23 - 73 - AM 14 - SOLD

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This truly is a rare opportunity to
purchase a very straight, honest, and unmolested Chevron 2 Litre sports car.
Featuring a Hart 420 S alloy block BDG it should be just about the ultimate specification
for it's class.
The bodywork is original, as is the tub save for the outer sill covers. Original
Bilstiens and original calipers are still on the car. It has apparaently not been raced
or even run since the mid '80s.


Sold to Mr. M. Marcatelli in 1973 via Eris Tondelli, Chevron's Italian agent. Much of the
Italian history is currently unknown but, seeing as the car is fitted with an FT200 gearbox we
would think the car was for National races. (These being shorter, the FG400 was not considered
necessary). Period photos accompany the car showing it with Italian stickers and an effort is
underway to further research the history using these. The car has a non-original fire pull mounted
on the right side of the rollover hoop. All cars in Europe were required to have this circa 1975.

Competition History



  • 2 Litre Hart 420 S
  • Alloy Block BDG by Brian Hart
  • dry sumped
Fuel System

  • Original Lucas metered fuel injection
  • Period bag tank and original Chevron fuel collection system.
Oil/Water System

  • Period radiator and cooling system
Electrical System

  • tbd

  • Fibreglass nose, engine cover, and doors, alloy sills

  • alloy monocoque with tubular subframes in excellent condition
  • Bilstien
  • top link, trailing rod, lower wishbone, coil over
  • top link, lower reversed wishbone, dual trailing rods
  • proprietary rack
  • Girling four pot front, Girling two pot rear
  • Period BBS split rims
  • tbd

  • fire system
  • chronometric tacho

  • Set of cast Magnesium Chevron wheels