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1971 Chevron B20 Formula Atlantic - SOLD

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This car came from the US to Europe about 10 years ago. Fitted
with what is said to be a long stroke BD it was actively racing up to
about 6 years ago. Then owner then lost interest and the car has been
stored in far from ideal conditions, resulting in some oxidation and damage
from the elements. The gear ratios were removed for use in another car
and the case not closed, so the bearings and remaining gears may have
suffered damage. The engine is said to have a problem with a
liner but is complete and was running. The left side of the tub has what appears to be
a wheel ding in the skin.


The prototyp B20, the car was configured as a Formula B car with a Lotus twincam for the last year
of the North
American Formula B series and campaigned by American importer Fred Opert and driven by Bobby Brown and
Jim Grob. It was one of three Fred Opert cars and may have been the car that Bobby used to give the B20 it's first
win at Bogota, Columbia, on February 27, 1972.

Competition History

unraced for the last 6 years


  • Cosworth BDD
  • said to be long stroke version
  • has a problem with a liner
  • not run for 6 years
Fuel System

  • fuel cell
Oil/Water System

  • front water rad
Electrical System

  • loom in place

  • fibreglass, needs a new nose

  • aluminum monocoque with fabricated steel subframes
  • LSH exterior skin has a wheel ding
  • appear to be Armstrong
  • top link and trailing rod, lower wishbone, coil over
  • top link, dual triling rods, lower reversed wishbone
  • proprietary rack
  • 4 wheel disk, Girling AR calipers
  • Chevron pattern mags

  • original instruments including Chronometric tacho
  • seat

  • set of wheels
  • ratios