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1963 Brabham BT6 Formula Junior - SOLD

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This car was the subject of a total restoration by Peter J. Denty (Racing) in the UK in 1996.
Well know for the quality and high standard of his work, Peter Denty has carried out a detailing work on this car to concours condition.
The car raced only twice since completion of the restoration.


The 1963 Formula Junior BT6 was the evolution of the 1962 BT2.
It is a traditional Brabham car, simple yet competitive.
Denis Hulme drove the works car in 1963 to good effect..
Ian Walker ran Frank Gardner and Paul Hawkins in yellow and green cars and achieved some success.
At the end of the season, the Ian Walker cars were offered for sale for £ 1,600 (each) !
This particular car was owned by Fred Opert in 1968.

Competition History

Raced in 1996 at Donington, driven by James Denty, where it finished second fastest Formula Junior.
Driven in 1997 at Dijon by Christian Fischer where it was by far the fastest Formula Junior.
This is the car to win the Lurani Trophy in 1999.


  • Geoff Richardson built 1,100 cc. Ford pre-crossflow Formula Junior engine.
  • Full steel cankshaft and conrods.
  • Forged pistons.
  • 2 twin Weber 40 DCOEs.
Fuel System

  • tbd
Oil/Water System

  • Dry sump.
  • Brabham oil tank.
Electrical System

  • 12 v battery
  • master switch

  • New fibreglass bodywork built by Specialised Moulding to original specification.

  • Multitubular spaceframe, restored.
  • Spax telescopic.
  • double wishbones, antiroll bar, Triumph uprights, coil over.
  • lower reversed A-arm, top link, double trailing rods, antiroll bar, MRD magnesium upright, coil
  • proprietary rack and pinion.
  • four outboard discs, Aeroquip hoses.
  • original Brabham magnesium wheels : 13"x 5" fronts and 13" x 6" rears.
  • 410 Kg

  • Willans harness.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Original Smiths instruments including chronometric tacho.

  • None.