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1973 Brabham BT-40 Formula Atlantic - SOLD

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A fresh (period) restoration with updated components to make it safe for vintage racing. Original Brabham
polished magnesium rims with Goodyear slicks adorn this meticulous and extremely rare red race car with black
wings. Professional restoration and Pro shop prep.


This car was first raced by Ted Titmus in SCCA.

Competition History

Willow Springs shake down - 10 laps, and Phoenix shake down - 10 laps


  • Cosworth BDD 207 Bhp
  • 1600cc by Tom Crowther
  • Tilton clutch
  • dual Weber 48's
  • 20 laps total on engine for 45 miles
Fuel System

  • brand new fuel cell
Oil/Water System

  • dual side tanks "new"
  • oil cooler mounted of trans
Electrical System

  • black box
  • front mounted battery
  • professional wiring loom

  • perfect fibreglass
  • three new noses
  • three new windshields
  • red body with black wings

  • Aluminum monocoque
  • rebuilt Koni's with new springs all around
  • double wishbone coilover
  • tbd
  • proprietary rack
  • Girling as original all have been rebuilt
  • Brabham magnesium rims fully polished with slicks
  • tbd

  • brand new Halon system "top of the line"
  • new Willans black belts
  • custom seat
  • original Brabham steering wheel
  • all rebuilt Smith gauges as original

  • set of plugs