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1971 Brabham BT-35X Formula 2 - SOLD

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This car was fully restored in 1991, it has been race prepped each year since. It has only been raced by the
current owner in European F2 vintage events. It was last raced in 1997.


This car was built a a one off Sprint car with a Repco 5 Litre V8, it was restored as a F2 car in 1991.

Competition History

Since rebuild it has been raced by the current owner in Europe in Historic F2 races, it has not been
used since 1997.


  • Ford BDA on carbs
Fuel System

  • electric fuel pump
  • 2 fuel bladders
Oil/Water System

  • oil tank and radiator in front of car
Electrical System

  • coil and amplifier

  • 3 piece fibreglass with side fuel pods
  • navy blue

  • space frame
  • rebuilt Armstrong telescopic
  • uneqaul length wishbone
  • inverted wishbone, parrallel radius rods
  • rack and pinion, MRD
  • disc all around
  • mag alloy split rim, front 13x10 - rear 13x13, wets MRD mag alloy original
  • 455 Kg less fuel

  • original

  • nose cone
  • full set of MRD mag alloy wheels with wet tyres, used once