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1969 Brabham BT29 Formula B - SOLD

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Frsh restoration nearly complete, 80% of frame replaced then powder coated. All AN hardware, N.O.S. Ampep
rod ends, all suspension and steering magnufluxed and chrome plated. New aluminum radiator, all new wheel bearings.
This is a near perfect car with a fresh Wenz Twin Cam and freshly rebuilt FT200. It is your option as to what color to paint the car.
A free test day at Lime Rock is included with purchase.


This was the 2nd BT-29 built originally for Fred Ashplant, through Fred Opert, car did not arrive till August
and Ashplant had already purchased a Chevron. Bob May took delivery, car was Black with Silver stripe. In
1971 the car was sold to Tom Scott who was killed in the car at Daytona. The remains were sold to Carl Whitney
who purchased remains of a car crashed by Al Lader and a incomplete car from Opert missing a chassis tag.
Whitney built up a car from the three and raced with a SCA Cosworth in Formula Continental. The remains of
the Bob May and Al Lader car's were sold to Ken Duclose, who was also racing a BT-29. He robbed pieces and
cut pieces as needed to keep his car racing. Marty Handsmy purchased remains of May and Laders car's. The present owner
aquired Bob May car from Handsmy and restored.

Competition History



  • fresh Ted Wenz Twin Cam
  • 186 Hp
  • zero time, dyno only
Fuel System

  • Fuel Safe fuel cell
  • new fuel pump, fuel regulator
Oil/Water System

  • new aluminum frnt water rad
Electrical System

  • as original, new battery, coil

  • fibreglass, new bellypan, engine cover, windscreen
  • to be painted upon purchase

  • space frame
  • rebuilt Armstrongs, adjustable
  • radius rod, dual link, coil over
  • top link, reversed wishbone, dual trailing rods, coil over
  • rack and pinion
  • new AR calipers front, rebuilt NR calipers rear
  • original Brabham wheels 9" & 11"
  • tbd

  • new seat and dash