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1967 Brabham BT 21 - SOLD

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Totaly rebuilt in 1992, this car has only raced 5 times! Fitted with a Philip Harper twincam it would
be highly competitive in US Formula B sans wings.


This car was originally an F3 car and was then converted to a Vegantune Lotus Ford Twin Cam Formula B specification.

Competition History

Le Castellet 1993, Dijon 1993, Nogaro 1993, Magny Cours 1994, and
1 training at Montlhery and at Magny Cours in 1995


  • Lotus Twin Cam by Phillip Harper
  • 194 Bhp @ 8000rpm
  • 2 Weber 45DCOE
  • full all-steel spec
  • no exhaust silencer
Fuel System

  • Bendix fuel pump
Oil/Water System

  • dry sumped
  • standard Brabham front water rad
Electrical System

  • total loss

  • glassfibre, integral nose
  • color: deep blue

  • mutitubular spaceframe color: black
  • Spax adjustable
  • dual wishbone, coil over
  • top link, reversed wishbone, dual trailing rods, coil over
  • rack standard Brabham
  • 4 wheel disc, alloy calipers
  • 2 set Revolution (Brabham look alikes with Michelin Pilot used in F3 modern races)
  • tbd

  • fire suppressant - Fire Eater fully automatic system
  • restraint belts - one year old Luke belts with FIA labels
  • instruments - original look alikes