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1968 Brabham BT-23G Formula B - SOLD

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Total professional restoration by Tom Rust Enginering, Sears Point Raceway, no expenses spared. New suspension
and bodywork by Peter Denty. All original parts retained for provenance and posterity. Restoration completed
April 1998, with competition in mind. Race ready.


This is one of only two BT-23G models made, both these West Coast cars exist today. This model is probably the last 'classic shaped'
Brabham made, as the revised 'shovel nosed' BT-28 and BT-29 models were introduced around this time. This car hung on the
wall at Tom Rust Engineering for ten years prior to its purchase by the current owner. A total restoration
was undertaken by T.R.E. preparing the car for serious competition. New suspension and bodywork were obtained
from Peter Denty. The original front Magnesium uprights, which are no longer available, were replaced with
BT-28/29 units using revised Ackerman plates, to preserve the correct steering geometry. All original parts including
spare uprights, not reused in this no expense spared restoration, have been retained for provernance and
posterity, and are included in the sale. All restoration records and receipts are also included. The
Hewland Mk V gearbox and final drive restored by Taylor Race Engineering and fitted with Mk IX internals
and a Quaiffe differential. The original ful length fitted F-2 aluminium fuel tanks have been retained,
with the fitment of a custom fuel cell to the rear of the left hand tank. A Lotus twin cam is installed with one hour
of track time since a total rebuild by Bob Yarwood. 4:1 exhaust with Super Trapp muffler. Original Brabham
spoked magnesium wheels, finished in black chromate, are installed and correct to original specification.
9x13 front and 12x13 rear. Koni double adjustable dampers. Rebuilt original Smiths instruments. All bright
work nickel plated. Existing livery is dark green with white number backgrounds. Restored for racing first,
show second, the car has normal cosmetic use as a result of a partial season of track time. The current owner is
6'4" and 195 lbs. This is a very quick 'B' car running easy 1.28's at Seattle International and 1.21's
9with chicane) at Portland International, it is also definitely user friendly.

Competition History

Campained in Northwest Sovern and Zupans events with good results.


  • Lotus twin cam
  • Bob Yarwood zero time rebuild with one hour of track time since installation
  • Weber 45DCOE
  • 4:1 exhaust
  • single plate clutch
Fuel System

  • new fuel cell
  • facet pump 110 octane
Oil/Water System

  • dry sump, front oil tank as original, rear right side mounted dicrete oil cooler with air scoop
  • new frnt radiator with external water lines as BT-24 F1 practice
Electrical System

  • new gel cell

  • glass fibre three piece set and windscreen by Peter Denty
  • dark green with white number circles

  • original spaceframe restored to competition standards by T.R.E. powder coated, very light grey
  • Koni double acting, new 1998
  • top arm link and lower wishbone, new by Peter Denty. Nickel plated
  • same as above
  • proprietary rack, rebuilt
  • disc all around with rebuilt AP calipers, new master cylinders
  • original Brabham spoked magnesium, crack tested at time of restoration, black chromate finish, 9x13 front, 12x13 rear
  • 965 lbs

  • Willans belts 3"
  • new fire system
  • original instruments rebuilt
  • black leather covered steering wheel, as originally fitted quick release

  • original parts including dampers(Armstrong)
  • springs, suspension pieces and original BT-23 uprights
  • new parts include spare uprights