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1969 Brabham BT-29 Formula B - SOLD

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This car is just have a comprehensive and meticulous restoration completed. It
features the correct FT-200 and a Vegantune twincam. Possessing a virtually complete US ownership
trail, the car was purchased as a wreck, less engine and gearbox, and
a comprehensive restoration begun. A new chassis was commissioned and new bodywork produced.
The entire car has been beautifully restored.


The BT-29 was a Formula B development of the completely dominant BT-28 design of 1969.
The BT-28 was intended to be the front-line F3 car for 1969 but development and deliveries
progressed slowly. After an extended development of the works cars by Tim Schenken the car
eventually became the viceless and controllable car that customers had come to expect of Brabham.

Competition History

The car has not competed since restoration.


  • Vegantune twincam
  • 1600cc.
  • all steel
  • new pistons
  • new big valves
Fuel System

  • new fuel cell
Oil/Water System

  • front rad
  • oil lines aeroquipped in engine bay
Electrical System

  • completely rewired

  • glassfibre, nose, cockpit cowling, undertray, tail cover
  • all panels new

  • multitubular spaceframe of mostly round tube
  • complete new chassis fabricated by Wayne Mitchell
  • Bilsteins
  • double wishbone, coil over
  • top link, dual trailing rod, lower wishbone, coil over
  • proprietary rack
  • outboard disk 4 corners


  • fire system
  • safety harness
  • removable steering wheel

  • no spares