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Alfa Romeo C43 F1 Show Car


1968 Brabham BT-21B Tasman F2/FB - SOLD

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This car has been campaigned by the current owner since 1992. He has raced it 31 times and has never had any
mechanical problems during these races, nor has he ever damaged the car.


Originally an F3 car entered by Frank Williams for Sir Malcolm Guthrie in F3
races in 1968.

Competition History

Since 1993:


  • Lotus Twin Cam by Paul Gardner
  • BRM Phase 4 Cams
  • Dry Sump (obviously)
  • 175Bhp at last re-build (1995)
  • has completed 500 miles since
  • owner never exceeds 8000rpm
  • a "leak down" test last month indicated excellent results
  • Engine oil used: always Mobil l changed every 3 races
  • Carburettors: 2 x Weber 45DCOE
  • Engine is full all-steel spec
  • Exhaust - Roy Lane Silencer fitted.
Fuel System

  • Bendix Pump
  • fuel cell is foam filled rubber tank inside aluminium skin and
    covered by fibreglass, done in 1991 at a cost of £1500
Oil/Water System

  • Standard Brabham front rad, car runs cool, never overheated
Electrical System

  • total loss (battery, no alternator)

  • glassfibre, integral nose/cowling, undertray, tail cover
  • currently being refurbished correcting minor imperfections from 5 years use
  • being repainted in Brabham Green

  • multitubular spacefra, standard Brabham BT21B
  • Spax Adjustable
  • dual wishbone, coil over
  • top link .ower reversed wishbone, dual trailing rods, coil over
  • rack, Standard Brabham BT21B
  • 4 wheel disk, alloy calipers, Standard Brabham BT21B
  • One set Revolution (Brabham look-alikes with Dunlop CR 65s 484 compound)

  • Fire Suppressant - Fire-Eater fully automatic system fitted
  • Restraint Belts - One year old Luke Belts with FIA labels.
  • Instruments - Original

  • Complete spare ignition pack, never needed
  • 4 sets spare gear ratios (enough!)
  • Complete Spare Body including screen
  • One set 10" x 12" Compomotives with Avon Slicks;
  • One set 10" x 12" Mag Alloy (Palliser?) with Avon Wets (NB. One wheel damaged beyond repair, fell off and squashed by trailer)
  • 7" original Brabham Wheels are available
  • Spare battery (good condition)
  • various plugs and small items.