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1967 Brabham BT-21 Formula B Chassis - SOLD

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This very desirable Brabham has a complete history since new including the full SCCA
logbook. It is remarkable in even having the original Lotus Twin Cam which has survived
thirty years of competition use. The car has raced successfully for five years now since
it's restoration with the VSCCA and SVRA and has recorded numerous wins. Maintained by
one of the best prep shops in New England the car is completely race ready and is
a lovely, reliable, and easy to drive race winner.


The BT-21 was numerically the most successful Brabham, being built in F3, Formula B,
and Formula Libre guise. The first cars were produced at the end of 1966 based on a
lightly revised BT-18 chassis with some detail changes in the suspension but a very
pretty new body. Brabhams have always had pretty bodywork and this is one of the
best. The cars proved dominant for the 1968 European season and registered numerous
wins in SCCA competition, particularly in Formula B. This car has an uninterrupted
US race history as a Formula B car.

Competition History

Lime Rock Fall Festival '96, SVRA Glen '96, Road Atlanta '96 1st


  • Original Lotus Twin Cam 1600cc.
  • all steel
  • built and maintained by Ted Wenz of MWE Engr.
  • the original engine for the car

  • glass fibre intergral nose and cowling, undertray, and tail cover

  • tubular spaceframe of mostly round tube
  • double wishbone, coil overs
  • top link, lower reversed wishbone
  • proprietary rack
  • Girling ARs
  • Brabham

  • Six point harness
  • fire system