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693 19691Formula 3, spaceframe, Ford 1 litre, many other marque's parts
701 197010Formula 1, aluminum monocoque, cast magnesium bulkheads, Cosworth DFV
702 "6Formula 2, spaceframe based on 693
703 "16Formula 3, 693 with new bodywork, all proprietary
705 "5Formula B/Atlantic, spaceframe
707 "3Can-Am Sports Car, aluminum monocoque, cast magnesium bulkheads, 7.6 litre Chevy
708 "8Formula Ford 1600, spaceframe based on 693
709 "2Formula Ford 1600 (U.S.)
701 19711Formula 1 built from spares of 701/8
711 "7Formula 1, aluminum monocoque, dural/steel bulkheads,Cosworth DFV, Alfa T33/3, "tea-tray" front wing
712M "20Formula 2, monocoque, Cosworth, BMW, Peterson won championship in one
712S "1Hillclimb Car, Sir Nick Williamson's, DFV
713M "11Formula 3 monocoque version, restricted 1600s
713S "9Formula 3 spaceframe, sold mostly to Germany
717 "0Can-Am sports, built from a 707 for Kelleners
718 "4Formula Ford
719 "3Formula Ford (U.S.)
71B "13Formula Atlantic/B,
721 19724Formula 1, revised 711, sports car nose after first race
721X "2Formula 1, difference rear susp and Alfa 'box internals, March case
721G "6Formula 1, 722 tub with 721 rear, originally built in 9 days for Beuttler, later works cars
722 "20Formula 2, Cosworth, 2 litre replacing 1.6
722 "4Formula Atlantic, confusingly built with F2 numbers this year, Bill Gubelman Yellow Pages Atlantic Champion
72B "20Formula B(U.S.), Chuck Sarich SCCA Formula B Champion
723 "20Formula 3, new body with chisel nose and side rads
72A "1Formula 5000, similar to 721G, best success by John Cannon
728 "6Formula Ford (U.S.)
731 19730Formula 1, four cars built from revised 721Gs, narrower track, front rad in sportscar nose
732 "14Formula 2, revised front rad 721, Jarrier European champ, first works BMWs
733 "26Formula 3, Hewland Mk9
73A "6Formula 5000, basically 731 with wider track and slightly more wheelbase
73B "22Formula Atlantic/B, revised front rad 712, Vandervell British Yellow Pages Atlantic champ
73S "19Group 5 Sports Car, BMW powered, did not fare well against Lola T-292
741 19742Formula 1, new tub but similar, sports car nose, side rads
742 "30Formula 2, BMW, updated 732 with F1 nose, side rads, dream year, only 1 non-March win, Depailler champ
743 "29Formula 3, mildy updated 733, 2 litre restrictor engines, Brian Henton took 2 British championships
74A "2Formula 5000
74B "13Formula Atlantic/B
74S "11Group 5 Sports Car, 2 litre BMW, Alpine Renault totally dominated
751 19755Formula 1, new lower, wider, stiffer tub, side deformable structures
752 "25Formula 2, shared F1 tub, BMW, second to Martini
753 "22Formula 3, older tub, 741 style nose and side rads
75A "1Formula 5000, F1 tub
75B "12Formula Atlantic/B, older tub, Bertis Roos second to Brack's Chevron in Player's series, Gilles 5th in a March
75R "8Formula Renault, similar to the F3 car
75S "5Group 5 Sports Car, 2 litre, new bodywork made it class of the field but the series was dying
761 19766Formula 1, stiffer tub, wider track, variable wheelbase and noses
762 "19Formula 2, revised 75 rear lower links now a wishbone
763 "16Formula 3, as 762, Keegan and Giacomelli took British chamionships
76A "2Formula 5000, similar to 761
76B "20Formula Atlantic/B, Gilles takes both U.S.(IMSA) and Canadian Atlantic crowns
76S "2/1Group 5/6 2/3 litre Sports Cars
771 19772Formula 1, works car, new wider tub, nose rad
761B "2Formula 1, customer car, uprated 761, revised brakes, uprights, and shorter wheelbase
240 "0Formula 1 six wheeler made from 761s, three so configured, all converted back to 761 spec
772 "8Formula 2
772P "2Formula 2 works cars based on pre-75 Atlantic tub
773 "18Formula 3, British(South) and European(Ghinzani) championships, Toyotas
77B "29Formula Atlantic/B, Gilles takes Canadian again
781 19782Formula 1, built from 771 parts, no International appearences, British Aurora cars
782 "29Formula 2, BMW, front rad, new slim tub, half-length skirts mid season, dominant, Giacomelli, Surer 1-2
772 "1Hillclimb car
783 "31Formula 3/Super Vee
78B "19Formula Atlantic/B, front rad, new tub still similar to 71 cars, Howdy Holmes champ Labatt's Atlantic Series
77B "1Formula Atlantic/B
792 197932Formula 2, BMW, Hart, ground effect car, sliding skirts, new narrow tub, Surer champ again
793 "25Formula 3, similar to 783 but with skirts this year only in F3, Serra, DeCesaris, Thackwell 1,2,3 in British F3
79A "3Formula B/Atlantic/Pacific based on 792
79B "23Formula Atlantic/B similar to 78B, RT1s superior
79C "1Formula 3, 792 based, unraced prototype as skirts banned in F3
79V "21Formula SuperVee, similar to 78 car
802 198025Formula 2, same tub as 792 w/o skirts, chisel nose, front wings, side rads, venturi pods
803 "27Formula 3, Toyota, 802 layout, rocker rear mid year, Alboreto European, Johansen(Ralt too) British champs
80A "25Formula Atlantic/B, as 802 but sports car nose, Jaques Villeneuve North American champ
80V "16Formula SuperVee, March most successful constructor in European SV but nobody cared
811 19816Formula 1, Cosworth DFV, aluminum monocoque, cast magnesium bulkheads, mostly DNQs
812 "11Formula 2, new tub and body but rockers all around like 802, Boutsen 2nd
813 "12Formula 3, similar to 812 but smaller, front rad
81A "9Formula B(U.S), 80B with new body, sportscar nose, front rad, rocker rear
81A "5Formula Atlantic/Pacific
81C "9Indy Car, strengthened 811 tub, Cosworth DFX, Weissman 'box
81H "1Hillclimb car
81P "1GTP, BMW, prototype with 3.5 six and 2 litre turbo, entered as BMW M1C
81S "5Sports 2000, monocoque with semi-stressed engine
817 "3Can-Am, based on 811, full body, 5 litre Chevy, Teo Fabi a close 2nd
821 1982?Formula 1, March Grand Prix now a seperate entity
822 "13Formula 2, updated 812, narrower tub, Corrado Fabi, Johnny Cecotto 1-2
827 "0rebodied 817
82A "5Formula Atlantic/B, virtually same as 81A, last year of production
82C "20Indy Car, updated 81C, longitudinal box, also March transverse box, Rahal 2nd
82G "4Group C and GTP, honeycomb tub, various engines
822 19831Formula 2
832 "25Formula 2, new tub and aero treatment, composite stiffeners mid year
83C "21Indy Car, last Robin Herd design, updated 81C with "road course" rocker rear and Hewland, Teo Fabi 2nd
83G "5Group C and GTP, update of 82G , Al Holbert IMSA GTP champ
83S "8Sports 2000, update of 82S
83V "?Super Vee, very rare car
842 198420Formula 2, new honeycomb tub, composite top, honeycomb/aluminum bulkheads, flat bottom, Danner 5th
84C "47Indy Car, new Honycomb monocoque, composite top, foot box, March 'box, Sneva, Rahal, Mears, 2-3-4
84G "7Group C and GTP, update of 83G,Lanier, Whittington IMSA 1-2
84S "3Sports 2000, update, final year of production
85B 198516Formula 3000, 842 with longer tub, flatter sides, Danner champ, 4 of top 6 to March
85C "44Indy Car, New Honeycomb monocoque, more use of composites, Al Unser Sr. champ, 4 of top 6 also to March
85G "10Group C and GTP, 962's dominated
85J "11Formula 2 Japan
85O "2Oldsmobile Aerotech record car based on 85C
86A 198620ARS American Racing Series, 85B chassis, 3.5 litre aspro Buick V6, called "Wildcats", now Indy Lights
86B "19Formula 3000, 85B tub and mechanical but aero rework, Capelli, Pirro 1-2
86C "38Indy Car, new tub, still honeycomb alloy with carbon top per CART rules, March's peak in Indy cars
86G "11Group C/GTP, 85G based, BMW; body by McLaren NA, Buick; rolling chassis, Nissan; titanium bars, new body
86J "15Formula 2 Japan
871 19873Formula 1, carbon fibre tub, Cosworth DFZ, DFL, March 6-speed, 11th in the Constructors with 1 point
87B "37Formula 3000, new slim honeycomb monocoque, composite top, mechanicals similar to 842-86B series, Modena 1st
87C "33Indy Car, 86C tub, new rear and sidepod profile, March 2nd thru 5th
87G "3Group C/GTP, updated 86G, all Nissan and run as Nissan R87Es, later rebodied and run as Nissan R88Cs
87P "1Formula 1, upgraded F3000 car for Brazil, kludge
881 19884-6Formula 1, Adrian Newey carbon fibre monocoque, Judd CV, March 'box, 5th in constructors, much imitated next year
88B "2Formula 3000, uprated 87B, Martini 4th
88C "20Indy Car, "scaled down" similar to 87C, Al Jr. 2nd
88GC "8Grand Champion (Japan), center seta Can-Am style 88B chassis, body made in Japan
88G "1Group C/GTP, single car for Nissan LeMans effort, V6
86A "4ARS
CG891 19893-6Formula 1, Judd EV, new slimmer and less rigid tub, same layout as 881, F1 and F3000 projects sold to Leyton House
89B "7Formula 3000, all composite tub by Ralph Bellamy, March's first
89P "2Indy Car, Porsche (enough said)
89C "2Indy Car, Alfa Romeo (enough said)
89GC "2Grand Champion (Japan)
86A "10ARS
CG901 19906Formula 1 Leyton House
90B "?Formula 3000 Leyton House
CG911 1991-23-4+Formula 1 Leyton House, ran as March in 1992
This index has been put together from a variety of sources to whom we are grateful.
Please inform us of any errors or omissions via email inquiry@race-cars.com .

March Listings Marque Type Refs

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