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T119361Austin Seven-based special, built by Charles for John
T219462?prototype Fiat Topolino based 500cc Club car, rear engined, built by Charles, John, Eric Brandon (originally shared by John and Eric, later became Johns car when T3 prototype built)
T3194712nd prototype Cooper 500 Fiat Topolino based JAP 500cc speedway built by Charles, John, Eric Brandon (Eric's Car)
T4 (Mk1)19471Sports Car, Cooper-Triumph, rear engined
T5 (Mk II)194823?built in 2 batches of 12 (T3 updated to Mk II visual spec.) 500cc, single JAP or 1000cc V twin JAP, Stirling Moss' first car, 1st Cooper production model
T61949?Sports Car, Cooper-Vauxhall front-engined sports car
T7 (MkIII)1949?500cc car for 1949
T8194?1Trailer for 500cc cars
T9 (MKIII)1949?extended chassis T7 for 1 litre HRD or JAP
T101949??possibly a sports car>
T11 (MkIV)1950?500cc car for 1950, production model
T12 (MkIV)1950?1100cc MkIV, JAP
T131950?Sports Car, Cooper-JAP 1100cc.
T141950?Sports Car, Cooper-MG, front engined
T15 (MkV)195160(T15/16)Formula 3 500cc car for 1951, JAP, Norton, Manx, TT, production model
T16 (MkV)195160(T15/16)1 litre car for 1951, stretched T15, production model
T17 (MkV)1951?Streamliner, record breaker
T18 (MkVI)1952?Formula 3 500cc car for 1952, tubular frame replaces Fiat chassis, production model
T19 (MkVI)1952?1 litre car for 1952, stretched T18, production model
T201952?Formula 1/2 front engined, 2 litre Bristol, first Cooper World Championship points
T211952?Sports Car, Cooper-MG
T221953?Sports Car, Cooper Bristol for Alan Brown
T231953?Formula 1/2 /Libre Cooper-Bristol(T20) MkII, still front engined, 1 Alta engined for Moss
T241953?Formula 2, Alta
T251953?Sports Car, Cooper-Bristol, based on T23
T26 (MkVII)1953?Formula 3 T18 (MkVI) incremental development, production model
T27 (MkVII)1953?1100cc F2 T26 stretch
T281953?Streamliner, E. Brandon's record breaker
T301953?Chassis for Vanwall
T31 (MkVIII)1954?Formula 3 500cc T26 follow-up with new spaceframe, JAP, Norton
T32 (MkVIII)1954?1000cc T31 stretch
T331954?Sports Car, Cooper-Jaguar
T351954?Sports Car, Cooper-Leaf
T36 (Mk IX)1955?Formula 3 500cc production model
T37 (Mk IX)1955?T36 stretch
T381954?Sports Car, Cooper-Jaguar Mk II
T391954?Sports racing car, 1000cc bobtail
T401954-55?Sports Racer/Formula 1, Bristol, Jack Brabham ran as full-bodied F1, modified Bobtail
T4119565Formula 2, 1.5 litre Climax FWB
T42 (MkX-XIII)1956-59?Formula 3 500cc cars, incremental development
T43 (F2 MkII)1957?Formula 2 T41 development, Climax FPF, Rob Walker ran one in F1, Moss won Argentina
T4419571T43 with 2.25 litre Bristol for Bob Gerard
T45195824 F2Formula 1/2 2,2.2 Litre FPF(F1), Borgward(F2)
T4619591unraced F1 streamliner, alarming lift
T4719580abandoned three wheeled road project
T4819582Sports Car, Bobtail for U.S.
T491959?Sports Car, Cooper Monaco MkI
T501959?Sports Car, Renault Dauphine with Cosworth FWA!
T511959-60?Formula 1/2, Brabham's F1 Driver's Championship and Constructor's, F1:2.5 litre Climax FPF, Maserati, BRM, Ferrari; F2: 1.5 litre Borgward, Maserati,
T52 (Fj MkI)196017(and 10+ kits)Formula Junior, BMC, Lancia
T531960-61?Formula 1 "lowline", FPF, Maserati, Alfa, 2nd and last Contructor's
T53P61?Formula 1 1.5 litre production model
T541961?Indy Car, Kimberly-Cooper-Climax 2.7
T551961-62?Formula 1/Tasman interim car, 1.5 Litre FPF, 2.5/2.7 FPF
T56 (Fj MkII)196122(plus "kits")Formula Junior, BMC, Ford 105E
T571961?Sporst Car, Cooper Monaco MkII, coil spring IRS
T5819611Formula 1 Climax FWMV V8 prototype
T59 (Fj MkIII)196228(plus "kits")Formula Junior, BMC,
T6019623Formula 1, Climax V8, third car for Honda testing
T611962?Sports Car, Cooper Monaco Mk III
T61M19636Sports Car, Cooper Monaco for '63
T61P1964?Sports Car, Cooper Monaco-Maserati for Tommy Atkins
T621962-631Formula Tasman built from Atkins/McLaren F1
T63 (Fj MkIV)19631Formula Junior T65 prototype with unsuccessful BMC Hydrolastic suspension
T6319636Formula 1, some sources also attribute this number to this year's F1 cars
T641963?Formula 1, prototype, hydroelastic suspension
T65 (Fj MkIV)196314(16)duplicate type number for T67
T661963?Formula 1, T60 development
T67 (Fj MkIV)196314(16)Formula Junior
T681963?Sports Car? rumoured Monaco GT
T6919641Formula Junior monocoque prototype, only the tub was built, some sources say F1, some say production F1s
T701964?Formula Tasman, McLaren team cars
T7119643Formula 2, Cosworth SCA
T72196420Formula 3, BMC Mini Cooper S, Jackie Stewart gain notice driving for Ken Tyrrell
T731964?Formula 1, Climax V8, Ferrari V12, based on 71/2 and not a success, some sources call T69s
T7419641Formula 3 T76 prototype
T7519658Formula 2, BRM 4, the Tyrrell cars
T76196520Formula 3, BMC, Ford, T72 development, last double digit seller
T7719652Formula 1, little changed T73
T78191Sports Car, Monaco
T7919641Formula Tasman for McClaren, John Love led South Afircan GP in '67 and finished 2nd
T8019661Formula 1, Maserati V12 3 litre prototype
T81/81B1966-677/1Formula 1, first monocoque by Derrick White, Maserati, last Cooper GP win Rodriguez in South Africa
T8219662Formula 2, Cosworth SCA, BRM, rarely top ten
T8319667Formula 3, Cosworth MAE
T8419671Formula 2
T8519672Formula 3, do not appear in race results
T8619671Formula 1, Maserati last attempt
T86B1967?Formula 1, BRM V-12, one converted to F5000
T86C19671Formula 1, Alfa, not completed, parts used in a F5000
T871968?Hillclimb car, Cooper-Damlier for M. Brain
T881968?Formula C, 1 litre BRM 4 cyl. for P. Rehl
T9019692Formula 5000/A, Chevy, based on T86
T9119690Formula 1, uncompleted, DFV (some say Alfa)
This index has been put together from a variety of sources to whom we are grateful.
Special thanks to Dave Irwin of Lime Rock Motors for extensive revisions to our first draft.
Please inform us of any errors or omissions via email inquiry@race-cars.com .

Cooper Listings Marque Type Refs

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