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The following are excepts from unsolicited testimonials we have recieved from our clients.

I've been trying to sell my Porsche for 4 years, but you all did it in 3 weeks!
Lloyd in California

I've just sold & delivered my race car that I had listed with you. The
buyer came thru the listing I had with your site. I even sold it for my
advertised price. I've been contacted by numerous
individuals that had interest in the car & the individual that bought it
had contacted me with 2 weeks of its listing! You've got a great site &
it's very far reaching. The buyer came from Switzerland!!
Thanks for having such a great web site!!
Rod Harris ex - 2000 GT1 Camaro Owner

Many Thanks to Mr. Bill Dolson for the Site.
I look always to this best race car site on the www!
Thanks Karl / Germany

Congratulations on both the sale and purchase!
I would like to thank Bill for starting he site and his pleasurable way to communicate and doing business. I wish you good luck with the site!

Bill, both my cars have been sold - both cars went to Europe. Thanks for providing this great service - you are obviously reaching a worldwide audience...

Thanks for the good service, educated support, and fine customer demeanor. You make selling race cars fun.

Your site is INCREDIBLE!!! Fantastic Pictures, rare items I've never seen, etc!
I found your site today looking for some Lotus parts. I spent the rest of the day looking at all the cars. Wish I were Bill Gates I'd just buy the whole lot!

Firstly, thank you for your truly exceptional site. Just fantastic, keep up the good work!

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the advice. Now I know why people have recommended your site.

I check your site on a daily basis. Keep up the good work; you've got the best show in town!!

I have sold the car... I must comment on the quality of the potential buyers. All were active vintage racers with the means and the desire to buy the car. Thanks Bill, Great Product and Organization!

Thank you so much for your efficient and helpful service. I will certainly use it again as I have a few more cars in the stable!

Can`t believe the responses from your site on the truck and trailer. Thanks for your great assistance! Amazing Results.

Your site is the best on the net, in my opinion. I appreciate your courteous service.

Enclosed please find my check for the commission on the sale of my Lola. I appreciate the service and response that I got on your site and am very pleased. I will recommend it highly to all. I look forward to doing business again in the future.

Your service is well worth the 5%. I look at the site on a daily basis, and it has become, at least for me, a "benchmark" for appraising potential market values of cars. The 2300 +/- hits on my car, not to mention all the photo's I was able to put on line with the car, made it an invalueable sales tool, and I don't have a problem paying you for the service you're providing.

The _____ is awesome! Again I made a new racing friend with _____, the car is great, and came with a ton of spares. I can't wait to flog it on the track. It's a very competitive car at a bargain (for modern Atlantics) price. Now it's all up to me. ;) Hey, one other great thing about race-cars.com... no buyers from Nigeria or Ireland saying they'll send me 30K and would I remit the balance upon shipping. No kidding, I got several of these "offers" via the Mazda board and my spam count has gone up (from there) too.

Thank you for your internet service in selling my car so fast. I had it in 3 race car magazines but it was your web site that ended up getting me a buyer. Your service was fantastic.

Checking race-cars.com has become a daily ritual for me. I've been a successful buyer AND seller on the site! I was able to find a fantastic F5000 project car and also sell my beloved Formula Ford. Both transactions were painless and I made new racing friends along the way. The new online listing procedure is straightforward, and I really liked being able to add new photos as needed. The archive section has also been valuable to me in my BT21 restoration project, as there are several detailed photos of various examples. I've listed cars on other sites, both free and commercial, and the results were not nearly as satisfactory.

Thanks again for the great service. The Lotus ____ left Friday afternoon. The final price was _____ Let me know the total and I'll send a check. Thanks

And just to show the praise isn't recent, here's some comments from the archive.

You site has been an excellent source of parts for the restoration of my Dulon, Thanks,

I think the site plays a valuable support role. It creates general awareness in the marketplace. As well, it becomes something of a reference and information resource. So with ths in mind, and in appreciation for you help, and in support for your work on the site, I am enclosing a check for $500, which I submit with the hope that the site continues and prospers.

thanks for the prompt service. My ad in Victory Lane got no results. My ad in the local SCCA newsletter ditto. Guess where I'll be selling cars in the future?

____ delivered the car to me on Sat, Jan 17. I will mail you a check for the seller's commission tomorrow. I would not have known about the car without your net page and consider the money paid to you to be an excellent value.

Thanks very much for your help listing the Lola on the Internet. _____ picked up the car, trailer, spares, and all other items I had earlier today.
Thanks Again!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for having such a cool website. Found spares in Denmark and Cape Cod, niether of which I had a snowballs chance of finding without your page.

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