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New! Large Size Photo Information

Starting in early February 2004 we have begun to offer a third larger photo size. The advent of higher resolution monitors, digital cameras, and higher speed network connections has made this possible. This new size is roughly equivalent to an 8x10 print, while the older sizes approximated 4x6 and wallet size prints. This new format makes it possible to provide much more detail than before. For those familiar with digital camera specs, the 4x6 size is approximately .3 Megapixels while the 8x10 size is nearly 1 Megapixel.

The old photo format used two thumbnails on the photo page, a larger one for the 4x6 size and a smaller one for wallet size. The new format uses three thumbnails, with a new third smaller thumbnail now representing wallet size. The midsize thumbnail represents the 4x6 size, and the large thumbnail now represents the new 8x10 size.

The new large size takes approximately 80 seconds to download on a 56k dial-up connection, so would normally only be used if you have a a faster DSL or cable modem connection or want to see more detail for a specific photo. We have kept the wallet size since a surprising number of users are still on slower dial-up connections.

While we were at it we improved photo navigation. We have added additional navigation links to each photo, allowing size changes as well as a jump back to the photo page or "Index" from any photo. The first and last photo in a set now contain links back to the Spec Sheet. We have made the spec sheet photo larger, now a standard wallet size, and provided links on it to enlarge that photo or jump to the next photo in the set. We think you will find these changes a big improvement.

A Note to Owners With Current Listings

Initially we have created the new large size photos by scaling up the existing 4x6 photos. This provides acceptable quality in most cases but is not optimal. All new large size photos which we create will utilize higher resolution if available. In order to obtain the best quality from the new large size we encourage you to upload your photos again if you have higher resolution originals. If your original digital image is 1024 x 768 (.8 Megapixel) or larger this will result in a much sharper large size photo. If you are unsure of your digital photo resolution we now report it when you upload and also provide a warning message if it is not high enough resolution for optimal large size photos. You can upload your photos again using the "change" photo link on the individual photo pages.

As part of this upgrade we have fixed a few bugs in the photo upload software, so you should find it trouble free. We have also added an "insert photo" function which allows you to place a new photo at any point in the sequence. Insert photo, like the change or delete function, is available on the individual photo pages and allows the insertion of a photo before that photo in the sequence. The first or "lead" photo appears on the spec sheet and you can use insert photo to easily add a new lead photo by inserting from the current lead photo. Note that the add photo function adds to the end of the sequence.

Remember, if you forget your username and password you can recover it using your email address via the "Lost ..." links on the login box.

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