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race-cars.com Advantages

We Don't Just List Cars, We Sell Them!

Far more than a simple classifieds site, we provide a complete online marketplace, supporting the entire sales process. The marketing of your prized race car is personally handled by one of our experienced sales professionals. Even if you provide your listing data online we will review and often edit it before final release.

For your listing, you don't get just another cookie-cutter classified. We prepare a detailed home page specifically for your car and post it on our website which delivers over two million pages per month to over 100,000 viewers.

Our sales agents conduct your sale via email, phone calls, and most importantly, human contact. All inquiries from potential buyers are handled by our staff who filter out the "tire-kickers" and casually interested. Our sales people attempt to handle routine questions without bothering you. Often you will only hear from us when we have a buyer for your car.

All listings have "hit counters" so you can see how many times your listing has been viewed. We also provide you with an online contact database. All communications about your listing are logged and you can review them at any time to see what inquiries have come in and how we have handled them. This is a totally unique service which only we offer and is part of our constant effort to provide a better sales experience for our owners.

The Secure Way to Sell Your Car on the Internet
We protect your privacy.

Internet security is an increasing concern. With our unique features we provide a venue where you can harness the power of the internet without exposing yourself to the risks. We are the ONLY race car sales website which actively protects your privacy. Our listings are "blind" which means that your personal contact information is never provided online. We have always worked this way since we pioneered online race car sales in 1997. Using our own Privacy Guard Email System buyers can send you emails without knowing your email address and you can reply without revealing your email address. Every email is also screened by our staff before it is relayed.

It is extremely risky to provide your personal contact information in a web classified. Email spammers automatically "harvest" email addresses from online classifieds. If you provide your email address online you can count on receiving more junk email. Viewers have reported significant increases in spam after posting items on eBay. Any registered eBay user can get a seller's email address by getting a reply to an email. If that user's computer then contracts a computer virus, your email address may than be broadcast everywhere. This can't happen with our Privacy Guard Email system.

If you provide a phone number online you may become the target of telemarketers. You are also exposing yourself to increased risk of identity theft if you provide your personal contact information online. Identity thieves will assume that if you own a race car you probably have some substantial lines of credit.

The internet is an increasingly hostile place. If you place a classified in a magazine you are exposing your personal information to a few hundred thousand readers, most of whom are enthusiasts. If you put your personal contact information in a web classified you are exposing yourself to over 400 million surfers worldwide, not all of whom are friendly.

In addition to safeguarding your personal contact information our site also has a strict privacy policy which restricts how your personal information is used by us.

We Don't Just Rely on the Internet.

We have an extensive print advertising campaign which draws buyers for your car from many established motor racing publications. We advertise in "SportsCar", "Racer", "Victory Lane", "Vintage Racecar Journal", "Motorsport", "National Dragster", "Drag Review", and "Vintage Oval Racing" plus others.

We Work for You as Your Agent.

race-cars.com is not a simple translation of print classifieds to the web. We are active and involved sales agents for your race car. We do much of the work, providing a complete service which minimizes the impact on your time and your personal involvement. Our commission is only half of what you would pay to a conventional bricks-and-mortar broker, but you get all the benefits of having a professional sales agent market your race car for you. You probably wouldn't consider the sale of your home without using an agent. Why do so for your valuable racing car?

We have sold race cars for hundreds of satisfied clients. Many of them have sent in unsolicited notes of appreciation which you can review on our Testimonials page.

We Don't Sell Ads, We Sell Race Cars!
You Only Pay for Results

Listing a race car with us is free. We only receive a modest commission if we find a buyer for your car. Unlike many sites which charge a fee simply for listing, we only charge a fee if we deliver results. This is a business model which is optimized for big ticket items which are not very liquid, like race cars. Pay-for-list venues like eBay (aka Job Lot Online) are optimized for high turnover items. Unless you're holding a distress sale their business model can get very expensive for slow selling items like race cars which can take months to sell, running up substantial listing fees.

We do not charge any fee for placing or running the listing. It can run at no charge for as long as it takes to sell the car. Only if we produce a buyer do we recieve a commission. If your race car sells through other means you owe us nothing. We are so confident of our effectiveness that we do not require exclusivity. For more information please review our Listing and Commission Agreement

The listing process is easy. Please consult How to List Your Car for complete information.

We also have prepared a document listing The Advantages of the race-cars.com Marketplace.

We look foward to selling your car for you!

And don't forget, we also sell engines, gearboxes, and transporters.


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