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1UZ Lexus Toyota 1UZ

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Serial Number: Toyota
Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $25,000 from  Currency_Convert
Location: Sydney NSW Australia
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Toyota Lexus 1UZ Race Engines A viable and cost effective alternative to Cosworth and Judd engines in Euro-Boss, Oz-Boss and US-boss Series as well as sports cars and sports sedan. The current engine is in the early stages of development and already develops competitive BHP. The mechanical integrity has been outstanding with no failures being due to engine componentry It occupies the same width and height as the Cosworth/Judd V8 but is 100 mm longer due to the timing belt arrangement. Bellhousing/flywheel/clutch specifications to suit specific vehicles/gearbox are available. Currently fitted to Reynard 94D F3000. Specifications 534 BHP at 8400 rpm 520 BHP at 9000 rpm 338 lb/ft at 7800 rpm Minimum 300 lb/ft from 5900 rpm to 9000 rpm Rev limit 9200 rpm Weight -330lbs including flwheel, oil pump, alternator, exhaust headers Capacity 3969 cc Bore 87.5 mm Stroke 82.5 mm Crank Toyota 1UZ Rods Saenz increased length with ARP L19 bolts Pistons Wiseco 12.5 1 compression, 3 ring slipper design Heads Modified Toyota 1UZ 4 valve DOHC Valves Inlet 36mm, exhaust 32mm, with Titanium retainers and competition springs Camshafts Billet 330 deg duration, lightweight shim under buckets Induction Individual 50 mm slide plate throttle with bell mouths, Siemens piezo crystal injectors Lubrication 5 stage Dailey Engineering dry sump pump with centrifugal oil/air seperator, negative crankcase pressure Sump 4 compartment with crank scraper designed to minimize oil held in sump while running, incorporating lower engine mount key to Cosworth design. Front timing cover designed with oil pump and alternator mounts, crank trigger for ECU, oil supply to main gallery and timing belt tensioner. The engines are available in various cost and performance stages

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