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1UZ Lexus Toyota 1UZ V/8 Super Power US $25,000 from
3K-R /137e/ TRD Circuit Race engine Very Limited & Historic engine upgraded by C-Auto Performance Motorsports! US $50,000 OBO
440 Mopar Engine 440 Hensley built mopar engine - 1 hour run time on it. Ready to race. US $8,000
Alexander BMC 950 According to Classic and Sportscar only 13 of these heads are known to exist. US $4,500 OBO
Alfa Romeo GTA Alfa Romeo GTA engine, 1600 cc twin-spark, twin-cam. US $19,900.00 OBO
Alfa Romeo Novamotor Twin Spark 2.0 F3 Alfa Romeo Twin Spark Novamotor 2 litre F3 engine €8,500 Euro
Any and All Types Chevy,Dodge,Ford,Pontiac NASCAR ENGINE SHOP SELLING MOTORS US $3,599 starting price
Bmw M12/7 Exclusive Bmw m12/7 1600 €49 Euro.000
Buick-Menard IRL Indycar Engine Buick-Menard Buick_Menard IRL Indycar Used Engine US $14,500.00
Chevy 18 Degree 358 Cu In V8 Fresh GM 18 Deg 358 Cu. In. V8 US $15,500
Chevy 2002 Indy Car Engine 2002 Indy Car Engine With Known History US $16,000 Reasonable Offers Considered
Chevy 2002 Indy Car Engine 2002 Indy Car Engine With Known History #2 US $24,000 Reasonable Offers Considered
Chevy 2002 Indy Car Engine #3 2002 Indy Car Engine With Known History #3 US $16,000
Chevy 358-C1-SB2.2 ROLLER Professional built race engine US $15,000.00
Chevy 402 BBC 402 US $3,500.00
Chevy 410 c.i. SB Chevy 410 SB road race engine US $5,000 or OBO
Chevy Corvette C6 complette engine from Corvette C6 Bj 2005 1600 km €7,000 Euro-
Chevy Daytona Prototype Ls-2 550 horsepower Ls2 5.0l US $17,500
Chevy Gen III 2005 Chevy Gen III Indy US $27,000 OBO
Chevy Ilmor 265A Chevrolet 265A Indy Car Engine US $14,900.00
Chevy LS-7 454 w/ 8-71 Super Charger Chevy LS-7 454 with Weiand 8-71 Super Charger - fresh build US $12,500.00
Chevy LS1 5.0L Aluminum GM LS1 5.0L, DYNO TIME ONLY US $9,950
Chevy LS2 6.0L Aluminum GM LS2 6.0L, DYNO TIME ONLY US $20,500
Chevy LS7 Exclusive LS7 AND T56 US $8,500
Chevy Nascar 358c.i. V-8 SB2 765 hp Nascar Chevy SB-2 Engine, Complete, Fresh US $18,000
Chevy SB 2.2 Nascar Truck Series SB 2.2 Nascar Truck Series; originally assembled by Hutter Engines. US $7,500 OBO
Chevy SB2 Genuine SB2.2 DEI solid lifter Engine 30,000 New Zealand Dollars.00 firm
Chevy Small Block 23 degree 358 c.i. SB Chevy GT-1 motor US $8,500.00
Chevy Small Block small block chevy US $10,500
Chevy Small Block 355 Sm Block Chevy. US $5,500 OBO
Chryslar 420a 500 hp 420a race motor US $8,000 or OBO
Cosworth 200 block 420bhp sierra cosworth engine long stud 200 £1,800 United Kingdom Pounds
Cosworth AC F.3000 COSWORTH AC €45,000 Euro
Cosworth BDA Cosworth BDA. US $19,000
Cosworth BDA BDA US $8,000 firm
Cosworth BDA 1600 Engine Coswort BDA 1600 €15 Euro.000
Cosworth BDD Exclusive BDD COSWORTH ENGINE £12,000 United Kingdom Pounds
Cosworth BDG Hasselgren Cosworth BDG US $27,500
Cosworth BDJ Cosworth BDJ US $4,800
Cosworth CK F1 1999 - 2005 Exclusive Cosworth CK F1 engines, Jaguar Racing, Stewart GP £100,000 United Kingdom Pounds neg
Cosworth DFR Exclusive Half the price of those in the UK! US $50,000 OBO
Cosworth DTM Cosworth DTM US $25,000
Cosworth FVC Ford FVC built by Tom Crowther dyno time only $40,000.00 US $35,000.00
Cosworth FVC Exclusive Dave Vegher freshly rebuilt Cosworth FVC...with ZERO race time! US $49,000
Cosworth KF Opel DTM DTM US $25,000
Cosworth XD Exclusive Cosworth XD CART Engines 850HP US $45,000.00
Cosworth XD Freshly rebuilt Cosworth XD engines US $40,000. or 50000.
Cosworth YBM Exclusive fresh rebuild-dyno time only US $15,000
Cosworth bda Exclusive 1700 bda lucas fuel injection €12,000 Euro or in parts
Cosworth bda 1700 with lucas injection bda 1700 whit lucas fuel injection €12,000 Euro
Cosworth bdg bdd bdg bdd £9,500 United Kingdom Pounds
Cosworth ck v10 3 litre 1999 2005 cosworth ck v10 engines for sale £40,000 United Kingdom Pounds
Coventry Climax FPF, Exclusive Coventry Climax engines. £17,000 United Kingdom Pounds +
Dart 351 Windsor 427 Stroker Engine and C4 Transmission US $10,500.00 Neg
FIAT X 1/9 1500 FIAT X 1/9 race engine. Low miles, reliable. $2750.00 US $2,750.00
Ferrari V12 Ferrari V12 F1 Engine from ALESI/BURGER car £30,000 United Kingdom Pounds.00
Ford 1600 Crossflow Dyno time only. US $9,000.
Ford 1600 GT/711 Ford 1600 GT / 711 Engine for Formula Ford, Lotus 7 US $7,800
Ford 1600 formula ford LOYNING ENGINE US $2,500.00
Ford 347- 585HP Road Race engine Ford 347 -585HP Road Racing Engine US $15,000.00 OBO
Ford 351 SVO Alky Drag Exclusive Ford Inj Alky 351,SVO,Yates,Tit Valves,850+HP $8500.00 US $7,000.00
Ford 351 Winsor Exclusive LBP 385 Alloy Winsor endurance motor US $25,000
Ford 427 stroker 427 stroker for sale US $9,000.00 (neg)
Ford Cosworth FVA 1600cc Ford Cosworth FVA 1600 218 HP €24,000 Euro
Ford Duratec 2.3 Exclusive Ford Duratec 2.3lt Race engine. Factory spec. €12,900 Euro obo
Ford FORMULA FORD Rebuilt Formula Ford engineff US $4,900
Ford FORMULA FORD 1600 CROSSFLOW Exclusive new formula ford kent engine £2,850 United Kingdom Pounds
Ford Formula Ford 1600 formula ford 1600 engine £4,700 United Kingdom Pounds
Ford Modular 4V 5.0L Ford Modular 4V V8 Dyno Time Only US $15,500
Ford Pre cross flow Exclusive This is a race ready motor, built to win! US $10,000.00
Ford formula 2000 formular ford 2000 engine £2,200 United Kingdom Pounds
Ford formula ford 2000 PINTO ENGINE formula 2000 new pinto dry sumped race engine £2,850 United Kingdom Pounds
Ford formula ford scholar crossflow formular ford scholar crossflow race engine £2,500 United Kingdom Pounds
Ford kent 3 ff engines £3,000 United Kingdom Pounds
Ilmor Chevrolet Display Engine 265A Ilmor 265A Chevrolet Display Engine US $4,950.00
Ilmor Indy 1997 Engine Ilmor 1997 Indy Car Engine US $21,000
Judd Judd GV V10 3.5 ltr. F1 Exclusive 3.5 l Judd V10 F1 engine never been rebuilt €50,000 Euro OBO
Lotus 1.6 Twincam Exclusive Lotus 1,6 Long Block Complete engine and gearbox US $9,500
Lotus 907 Exclusive injected ,fresh lotus/ jenson twin cam US $5,000.00
Lotus Coventry Climax 1.5 FPF Rare engine project £5,200 United Kingdom Pounds
Lozano Brothers 385 Winsor endurance motor Exclusive Lozano Brothers 385 Winsor endurance motor US $25,000
Mazda 13G 3-rotor Exclusive Mazda 13G US $26 000 Neg
Nissan KA24E SCCA GT3 Race Engine Complete long block, SCCA GT3 legal, breakin time only. US $6,800
Nissan KA24E SCCA GT3 Race Engine Complete Long Block SCCA GT3 legal race engine. US $6,400
Oldsmobile Aurora 3.5 Liter Race Engine actual indy used engine, 2002 updates and fresh for racing. US $20,000
Oldsmobile IRL Aurora V8 3.5 Liter Race updated in 2001 for 2002 spec US $22,000
POWERTECH 1500cc POWERTECH 260hp ZERO hour 1500 Powertech Busa w Dry Sump & fuel inj & ECU & FULL exhaust US $7,900 obo
Porsche 928 Exclusive 1982 Porsche 928 engine US $1,200.00
Porsche Porsche 3.6 racing engine Porsche 3.6 racing engine. €10,000 Euro
Renault Sport Type F4R FRS Formula Renault 2000 Engine US $7,500.00 OBO
SCHOLAR F3 F3 SCHOLAR ENGINE...Only one of its kind..... £5,000 United Kingdom Pounds
Spiess Touring Car Race Engine 250 miels since fresh from Spiess US $19,000
Spiess Opel Touring Car Race Engine 580 miles since fresh, complete ready to race. US $15,000
VW - Drake 1600 Water cooled VW and Drake race engine US $2,500 OBO
brabham/holden/buick brabham/holden ready to run 10,000 Australia Dollars aud
martin-monica alu v8 formule 1 Exclusive MARTIN F1 RACE ENGINE FORE SALE £40,000 United Kingdom Pounds

Complete Listing Marque Listings

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