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2001 Van Diemen RF-01 SOLD

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Serial Number: 2803
Logbook: SCCA
Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $28,500 including spares  Currency_Convert
Location: Denver, CO, USA

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Ex-Pro series F2000, then raced in National and Regional SCCA Formula Continental. Excellent condition, well maintained, fast and reliable, ready to race, currently at Front Range Motor Sports in Denver, CO. Can facilitate transport to any location in the US and Canada. Car will accomodate taller drivers as well (I'm 6'2"). Car includes large spare package (see below). ** Car includes: QuickSilver Pro engine (Pinto, 3 races) New differential, pinion shaft, crown and bearings Penske shocks Hyperco hydraulic load centering spring perches Stack dash with full data acquisition OZ wheels ICP calipers New six point seatbelt ** Spares: 2 pushrods, front (new) 1 pushrod, front with adjuster (new) 1 pushrod, rear (new) 2 front uprights, complete (new) 1 upper A-arm, rear (new) 1 lower A-arm, left rear (new) 1 lower A-arm, left front (new) 1 upper A-arm, left front (new) 1 lower A-arm, right front (new) 1 upper A-arm, right front (new) 1 K&N air filter 1 nose & front wing assembly, complete 2 rear upper wing element, single plane (different contours) 1 rear upper wing flipper (for 2-plane wing), high downforce 2 rear upper wing flipper (for 2-plane wing), standard downforce 1 rear upper wing mainplane (slightly dented) 1 rear lower wing mainplane (dented, but usable) 2 rear wing endplates 16 pcs miscellaneous wing bracket hardware 2 radiator trays, right side 1 radiator tray, left side 2 rear wing gearbox mounts, long 2 front wing endplates, right (new) 2 front wing footplates, left (new) 2 front wing footplates, right (new) 1 front wing strake, left 1 front winglet, left 1 set ICP caliper seals 1 set LD-20 calipers, standard 1 axle button 1 set wheel tethers 1 side pod, left 2 radiators, baffled 1 set side pod high downforce aero attachments 1 shock cover plate 3 sets OZ wheels (12 wheels, I set with rain tires) 6 rain tires (in addition to the 4 mounted ones) 1 set of new Avons (mounted) 1 starter 1 set steering blocks, low roll center 1 set steering blocks, standard roll center 1 motor mount, right front upper 2 tripod housings with spacers 3 steering arms 2 adjustable roll bars (front) 2 roll bars (back) 10 pairs of Eibach springs (300lbs, 350lbs, 400lbs, 450lbs, 550lbs, 600lbs, 650lbs, 700lbs 2 sets), 900lbs, 950lbs 34 sets of gears


Car purchased new from Primus Racing in May 2001 by GD Motorsports (raced as PDR) which was the early Rusport ChampCar team when they were competing in the Pro series Formula Ford 2000. PDR ran one Pro race in June 2001 (Mid Ohio) and the 2001 June Sprints in Road America. Purchased the car from GD Motorsports in August 2002. Entered the car in 21 Regional/National SCCA events in Colorado between 2002 and 2005. No events in 2006. The car was never damaged or implicated in an accident during this period. All four corners and body work are still the same as when purchased from GD Motorsports.

Recent Competition History

Several podiums in National and Regional SCCA races

Performance Data


Other Formulae   Modern Formula Car Listings Van Diemen Listings

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