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1965 Shelby Cobra 427sc turn-key SOLD

Groups 4-6   Historic Production Racer Listings Shelby  

Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $86,000  Currency_Convert
Location: Perrysburg, Ohio

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Here is my reproduction 1965 Shelby Cobra 427sc for vintage racing that is also registered for street use and titled as a 1965 Cobra. I knew of this exact car for years before I had the chance to acquire it. it was build using original components where ever possible and is a correct replica. The gentleman had passed away and apparently had a large stash of unobtainium parts for Cobras and this is the only car he assembled. It is very well executed with a 428FE engine as the base, a 4spd top loader, and the correct Salisbury diff. The suspension, brakes, shocks, etc is all correct as to the original cars. The frame and its birdcage are all correct. The seats are event he correct construction. So you'll make friends with a Cobra restorer for the filly bits. There is little you can take away from this car and I have been very particular about having a solid platform. The car recently was corner weighted and came in at 2,624 lbs wet with no driver and a weight bias of 49.9% front and 51.1% rear. There are a few items that will need to be added for vintage racing legality and or preference and I would be happy to go over that with you in detail. Of course the car is very enjoyable exactly as is. The car is running a wet sump 428 FE engine that I had done by my racing engine builder who has built numerous road racing V8's for me in the past. It uses a period 428 FE block and I had it built as the gentleman's racer (still faster than period) so I could just get away with playing on the street. It has a tick over 11 to 1 compression with aluminum heads and has a roller cam setup. The vavletrain is well executed as well as the oil pump and pan and the little tricks and will be happy to go over the engine in detail with you. It has 2 street hours on it and I have great confidence in the build. You can enjoy the car exactly as is of course. If street driving and collecting is your thing, you could as a proper spare tire/wheel, acquire side curtains and bows for the included soft top, and perhaps a tonneau cover. That would put it over the top in terms of authentic period presentation. There is a nice reproduction manual and tool bad with period tool kit in it. When this car is gone, I very much doubt you or I will ever come across a more authentic reproduction Cobra, well at least for reasonable money anyway without ponying up for a CSX car. I'm selling as most of my free time goes to the non-profit my wife and I lead and am thinking of getting and interesting car we can travel in more. As a note, I have been a vintage road- racer for 12 years now as well a lifelong collector. I'll be happy to talk the car over in detail with you.

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Groups 4-6   Historic Production Racer Listings Shelby  

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