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1984 Royale RP37/38 Sports 2000 Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: RP37/3 and RP38/5
Logbooks: none
Condition: excellent restored condition, race ready
Price: EUR 20,000.- (about UKú 12,500 or US$ 18,000)
Location: Belgium
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This car was the subject of a thorough restoration over the last few years and is in pristine condition and race ready. It was raced only once since restoration and would be a very serious contender in Sports 2000 races.


Royale was a late comer to the Sports 2000 scene.

Alan Cornock hired the services of Bob Martson who used to be Lola's Chief Designer, where he had been responsible for Lola's T490, T492 and T590 chassis.

Royale's first Sports 2000 appeared at the end of the 1981 season and was known as the S2000. It was Royale's first monocoque design and shared the majority of its running gear with the then current single seaters. The RP37 introduced in 1984 was the evolution of the S2000 and was very successful both in Europe and America. Introduced in 1985, the RP38 incorporated a new bodywork together with sides radiators. The final evolution of the breed was the RP42 introduced in 1986. It had a more radical body design with fully enclosed front and rear wheels and a very low line. It did wonders in the Sports 2000 series in the hands of Mike 'Fulmar' Taylor. This particular example is the only RP38, of 8 cars built, supplied to the UK by Royale, all the other RP38s went to America. It was originally built as RP37/3 in 1984 and uprated by the works in 1985 to RP38 specification (and given the new chassis number RP38/5).

The car comes with both chassis plates and is currently in RP38 trim.
Previous owners and history are as follows :
The car was bought by Tony Hilton (UK) in 1984 as an RP37. In 1985, Tony Hilton had the car uprated by Royale to RP38 specification. In 1986, it was sold to Miles Berkeley (UK ) and then to Dave Greenwood (UK) The car was driven by Anthony Reid and Dave Greenwood in the Thundersports race at Birmingham on 25.08.86 It made pole position in the Sports 2000 class, but finished only 82nd overall. During those years the car was the subject of chassis development by Mike Pilbeam who reinforced the chassis and added plates in the rear part of the tub to add extra engine rigidity.

The car passed to Richard Redgrave (UK) in 1989 who only kept it a few weeks. It went to the Jim Russel's Racing School (UK) the same year and was used for piloted laps for VIPs. Around 1990 Marcel Junod (UK) bought the car and used it for hillclimbing. It went to France in 1993 and was purchased by the current owner in 2000.

Recent Competition History

One race only


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





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