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1992 Reynard 92D Formula Holden Race Ready SOLD

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Serial Number: 92D-013
Frame Number: 013
Logbook: HSR-West
Condition: Very Good
Price:  US $40,000  Currency_Convert
Location: Monterey, CA, USA

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Purchased by Brian Groza from Marc Brannon in late 2002 with a damaged engine, the car was delivered to D'Motorsports in Sand City, CA. The car was completely disassembled down to the bare tub including fuel cell. Components were labled and inspected during removal. The chassis and bodywork were thoroughly inspected, cleaned, sanded, prepped and painted. All other components were cleaned, zyglowed & magnafluxed. All brake & clutch hydraulics were rebuilt with new seals. All upright wheel bearings & seals were replaced with new and grease packed. All heim & rose joints were replaced. Pedals cleaned and lubed. Gauges and instruments tested. Wiring & cables repaired as needed, with new master switch installed. Fuel cell was shipped out and tested, then reinstalled using new foam, filter, pump and hoses. A threaded filler cap was fitted to cover for easy fueling and level viewing. Transmission was completely disassembled, inspected, zyglowed and magnafluxed. Engine oil level sight tube was machined into case area. Expansion cavity plates were machined for proper venting. Transmission pump rebuilt, holes helicoiled & time-serted. Trans reassembled with new seals, o-rings & bearings. CV Joints and half-shafts magnafluxed and inspected, with new boots and grease installed. A seasoned standard engine block was located, cleaned, inspected and magnafluxed. Align honed, plate honed and deck surfaced. Oil galleys were modified for dry sump system. New cam bearings installed, heads were reconditioned with new valve guides, valves, springs, retainers, keepers & seals. New Ross pistons, new Cunningham rods, new Crane rollers & rockers, new Cloyes chain, new bearings, seals, gaskets. New T/A crankshaft, new cranktrigger pick-up, new Fast Forward oil pump, new modified water pump, new drive belts, new fuel injectors, new air filter, new oil filter housing, new spark plugs and wires, new coils, new clutch assembly. Radiators & coolers were flushed and tested by Ultrasonic Cleaning Services. New hoses, clamps and AN fittings were also installed. After car assembly: complete chassis alignment and corner weight adjustments were performed. Custom motorcycle wheels were modified for ground clearance and trailer fitment. A semi-custom car cover was made for this car.


Ex-Jordi Gene/Pacific Racing/Keith Wiggins/Marlboro F3000 Team car. Ex-Graham Watson/Ralt Australia/Formula Holden Series car.

Recent Competition History

Numerous class wins and podium finishes.

Performance Data


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Rear End





Formula 3   Modern Formula Car Listings Reynard Listings

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