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1974 Porsche RSR Clone SOLD

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Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $88,950 OBO  Currency_Convert
Location: Las Vegas, NV

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Starting Point 1969 911S tub: Some panel rust required replacement of: left jack receiver bracket; left inner rocker; front bulkhead; and left and right outer rocker Car was sandblasted inside and underneath. All paint, tar and other sound-deadening materials were removed. Inside and underside were re-painted with enamel. Exterior paint was base-coat/clear coat PPG in “Grand Prix White. Eight point cage was fabricated and welded in place from 1.500 inch DOM tubing per SCCA specifications. 911 74 RSR front Bumper When the front bulkhead was replaced, it was cut to allow air to pass through a front 930 oil cooler (AJR100 149S - Alan Johnson Racing). A lightweight glass structure was installed to collect the air passing through the bumper cutout and then push this air up through an opening in the hood. The structure is removable to permit removal of the fuel cell. Great cooling is obtained as the flow is unrestricted by maintaining flow area through the bumper, ductwork, and outlet slots. Downforce is generated over the hood. Parts from Alan Johnson Racing were used for boosting (Master cylinder 930.355.011.03, Brake booster 930.355.027.00), Rebuilding included fabrication of new brackets, lines, fitting new master cylinder reservoir, and filling with Super Blue racing brake fluid. Carrera power brake booster bracket, rods, and pedal assembly were fitted to finish the system. The brake parts came from The Racers Group as their TRG/RSR Big Red Brake kit: 13” cross drilled rotors (front) 12” turbo rear rotors RSR Big Red calipers RSR rear red calipers Billet front rotor to hat adapter rear caliper adapters to fit 930 aluminum trailing arms Pagid 1842 Brake pads RS4-4 Pagid 1203 Brake pads RS4-4 The emergency brake system was removed (actuator, cables, shoes, etc) as the original system was incompatible with the 930 trailing arms added below. The suspension revision started with Automotion Turbo tie rod kit (TK-930). This was followed by exchanging the stock rear suspension for aluminum 930 trailing arms, monoball trailing arm bushings, and Johnson Motorsport weld-in camber boxes. Camber is adjusted at the in-board end of the trailing arms by releasing a clamp bolt and turning a jack screw. Camber is adjustable to accommodate any tires from street to the stickiest wide slicks. Weld-in front camber/caster boxes w/ plates were welded in as an integral part of the cage structure. As such, the towers are very well braced and can’t move at all. The following parts were purchased from Greg Fordahl for the front suspension: Billstein RSR front struts, springs (included custom valving and raised spindles) ERP 935 front suspension w/ Heim joint links and control arms, aluminum crossbar Spring/shocks have monoball strut mounts on the lower end Bump steer spacers were fitted to the steering box The rear suspension was fitted with inverted Billstein coil-over shocks with double Heim joint mounts. The entire shock mount structure (frame cross-tube) was revised to raise the mount point (more shock travel) and to obtain radial clearance for the springs. Heim-joint ERP spring plates w/ raised inner bosses were added to complete the rear suspension. The raised bosses properly account for the mount height of the inner-end of the trailing arms. A short bellhousing 930 4 speed transmission was purchased from Powerhaus II and was rebuilt. The rebuild included 4 new gears and 80% factory limited slip. Gears were selected to match speeds at SIR and PIR (ratio’s are HX 18:33=1.833, HP 18:25=1.389, PS 25:28=1.120, RQ 7:26=0.963 fitted to 9:38 (4.222) pinion results in 74, 98, 121, 141 mph at 7500 or 151 at 8000 with 25.7 inch tires). A pair of new 930 halfshafts, CV’s & boots were fitted with new half-shaft seals. Clutch system was built to be bulletproof rather than maximum performance with parts as follows: 930 flywheel - steel 935/962 pressure plate 934 clutch disc – turbo puck type 934 throw-out bearing pilot bearing JWE machined 930 ring gear New clutch cableA 930 shifter with short shift kit was fitted with a shortened input shaft to allow the shifter to be moved back to eliminate reaching during shifts. New bushings make for a good crisp shift without any position uncertainty. Jerry Woods Enterprises did the engine work. The starting point was a 3.2 Carrerra longblock with fan, alternator, oil cooler, and Tilton high-torque starter. The heads were given a fresh valve grind, new exhaust valves, seals, and guides. Engine was built as a serious race motor using the following: GT Racing fiberglass 911 engine shroud kit and engine “sheet metal” kit. All steel exterior parts and baffles were re-plated to have uniform appearance. Electomotive Twin plug – 6 coil Crankfire package was installed. PMO 50 mm carburetor setup with new manifolds, linkage, and AN inlet fittings. A fuel pressure regulator was fitted to the engine compartment wall with fuel pressure gauge, Carillo connecting Rods, JWE Race valve spring kit, Full set rocker arms, Viton head and case gasket set, JWE 98mm sleeve, JWE 3.4 Racing piston, #8 Nose bearing, rod bearing set, main bearing set, Intermediate shaft bearing set, Timing Chains and new chain ramps, Weld & regrind Camshafts to GE100 profile, JWE Oil filter Kit (w/ -20 fitting). Original engine-mounted cooler removed. Steel head studs. Crankshaft was magnaflux tested & polished (stock spec. bearings) Cylinder heads were resurfaced, Cam and tensioner oil lines and supports were replaced, Jerry Woods - Paul Weber headers, Phase 9 pre-muffler and transverse resonator exhaust. Engine was dyno tuned to 325hp. Bodywork was replaced with the following parts from GT Racing: 911 RSR IROC style Whale Tail w/ custom Wickerbill Carbon fiber doors, 935 Aluminum hinges, late model door handles (black) Flush mount frames for front, rear and vented quarter windows Lexan 1/4 in front windshield and poly rear window 911 RSR 14” Rear bumper, matching 14” rear fender flares and Duct air boxes, 911 RSR 11” front fenders, 911 74 RSR front Bumper, 911 74 hood skin and quick release pins, RSR Custom Carbon Peter Gregg Bumper w/ Brake Ducts, New Recaro SPG XL Seat with Willians 6 point Belts, Fikse Profile Black anodized Wheels with sticker Hoosier A6 tires. Only 40 hours on the car.....325hp weighing only 2150 lbs. What a car!

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