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1986 Porsche 944 ">>>MORE PICS NOW TOO!!<<<" Brand NEW Race Car!!! SOLD

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Serial Number: Not with me but it has a VIN
Frame Number: See Above
Engine Number: See Above
Gearbox Number: See Above
Logbook: N/A
Condition: Concours
Price:  US $12,000 OBO  Currency_Convert
Location: Southern California

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The engine was built with absolute reliability and longetivity first then some power goodies were added as well. She has lightweight forged rods, pistons and crank. The block is fresh and the machine work is perfect. The crank has been modified with the oil bypass mod and the block has been modified to accept the 3.0 ltr water pump. The hardware is all brand new. The head is running turbo springs and valves and is modified to flow better and raise the compression. The header is custom made for this car. The oil pan is a deep sump with modified oil pickup and crank scraper to shed the oil faster and direct it to the pump befor foaming. The oil pump is the larger 3.0 ltr style. The cam is custom made for this car. The engine builder was the one from Huntley Racing with 25 years experience in 944 engines (he worked for Porsche Motorsports building them). What I don't have are more pics of the car itself and I am 1000 miles away from the car right now. I had the car built to run in California and Arizona in a series they have up there but I moved and brought my other two race cars with me. I have been trying to talk the local race series here in to making some rules changes to allow cars over 2.0 ltrs to run but I just got my answer for 2006, NO. So the car must either be changed to a 924 engine (2.0 ltrs) or it can't run here. I am running my other two cars and my wife is not happy about bringing the 944 and then having to completely build another motor for it so I am selling the car. The history of the car is that it was built by Huntley Racing about 6 months before they closed shop. I ran the car with the original motor in one event to dial it in and she was perfect after some suspension adjustments and brake pad changes. Like most well built 944s she ran circles around the 911s and BMWs with perfect balance with a touch of oversteer (yes not understeer) which was the Huntley set-up thier cars and it is really fun to drive. She has coil-over shocks on all four courners which are adjustable. Strut brace, adjustable ride height etc... The original stock engine was tired though and smoking a bit and I knew I had to build it, so no surprises. So I had the engine built so I could run the car every weekend without opening the hood. I DID NOT put all the HP possible in this car. Huntley basically said you can have 30 more HP than stock and run forever or 60+ more HP and build it every season. I chose the 30 HP. Now you can go more radical on the cam and head and get more but that is up to you. Everything else a propper race car should have is there. The cage is a $3000US cage built into the car, not a cheap bolt in heavy junk one. The fire system is not just a fire bottle it is a true three nozzel system. The car is push button start with inside and outside battery cut-offs. Race wheel, shifter etc... New high end race seat new 2004 belts, window net system...I could go on and on and on but the car is a VERY nice car with brand new paint. She comes with two sets of forged rims and 3 sets of heat cycled Yokohamma pro slicks (not DOT, real slicks). The exhaust exits the side of the car and is oval pipe. The chip was made for the car on the dyno. The Motronic injection box is modified with a cooling system to add reliability. 5 Watt Racing radio system IMSA style, The logos are vinal and peal off to the bright white paint that is brand new with one race and not some much as a paint chip in it. The car plus investment to convert it was $21,000 US and is still new but I am willing to listen to offers. I will fly out there to supervise it loaded into a shipping container to go to Europe, south America, asia or to the East coast or where you need the car to go, and make sure all the spares (engine, suspention etc... lots of stuff) all get in there too.


One race weekend with full Pro pit support for dial in. Car is perfect. Motor is one hour new with many years of life for you to run her.

Recent Competition History

One weekend test day ONLY!!!

Performance Data


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Rear End





Porsche Type Reference GT   Modern Production Racer Listings Porsche Listings

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