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1990 Porsche RUF YellowBird CTR C4 SOLD

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Serial Number: WPOAB 2961LS451416
Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $189,500 OBO  Currency_Convert
Location: New Jersey, USA

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The Ruf 'YellowBird' CTR, with Phil Hill driving, was declared 'THE FASTEST CAR IN THE WORLD' by Road & Track Magazine. AWESOME, with 550hp and Twin Turbos,- this agressive 200+mph - Zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds, ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE, Ruf Rocket "YellowBird" CTR was built, from the platform up, by RUF GmbH in Pfaffenhassen, Germany in 1993, approximately 3,000 miles ago, at the the whopping cost of $ 285,780.00. Formerly David Beddor owned/Steve Beddor driven - the Beddors made worldwide news with their sure footed All Wheel Drive YellowBirds in Road & Track / Car and Driver and on ESPN news. It's in Show Condition and has been maintained by Ruf experts all of its life with no expenses spared. This is not just a patchwork of installed Ruf parts (as many claimed Rufs are). This Ruf Rocket was built by Ruf from the bodypan up - as a genuine 'YellowBird' and sold by by Robert DeMars LTD for David Beddor & Mr. Ruf himself in 1997. One of the last CTR 1s made on the 964 platform - it's fully street driveable with a Kevlar lighweight body and Black lightweight interior (plus added Power Windows & Air Conditioning) and ideal for Autocross or other 'go to the head of the class' Racing. Just 23 'YellowBirds' were made, at immense cost, from 1987 to 1995, and this - the last, fastest, safest (and most expensive) model , is one of only two (2) AWD CTRs ever made. Kevlar Body/Lightweight Glass/Roll Cage/Recarros/Simson Harness/Fuel Cell/Ruf 6-Speed Transmission and 4 WHEEL DRIVE TO GET THE ENORMEOUS POWER TO THE GROUND. It will beat anything Ferrari / Lamborghini / McLaren can put up against it! A video is available for serious buyers.


Ruf is respected worldwide for performance and RELIABILITY. The 'YellowBird' CTR was brought forth just in time for Road & Track's 2nd running of the "World's Fastest Cars" tests with Phil Hill as one of the comparative test drivers. 3 years earlier, a Ruf BTR had won the 1st "World's Fastest Cars" test with a 183mph run. What Ruf had in store with the release of the CTR 'YellowBird' in 1987, would started a tradition of 200+mph automobiles that has only recently been legitimately challenged by the McLaren F1 (a $1 Million plus RaceCar). The first of the Blazingly fast Ruf CTRs quickly became known as the "Yellow Bird", a nickname given by Road & Track to reflect the original CTR RocketSleds bright yellow . Many cars were run that day, in 1987 -including a Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari Boxer, and a couple of Porsche 959s. By the end of the tests - it was obvious: The Ruf had absolutely no competition ! Even the ultimate Porsche 959 was beaten by over 13mph in top speed! The 'YellowBird' is now known throughout 911 circles as one of the most remarkable Porsche road cars ever made, with the 2 AWDs being the rarest and most highly refined. --------To SportsCar Collectors who know rarity and value, you might say - it's the L88 of Porsches !

Recent Competition History

As shown on ESPN, Steve Beddor driving his Black 'YellowBird' CTR (twin to the Polar White David Beddor CTR) appeared to have won "One Lap of America 1995" until he was heavily penalized for "being late" for showing up the Drag Racing event (he won that event too) but then was penalized as 'late' (a broken ignition switch had delayed his showing). Steve in his 'YellowBird' STILL won 8 of the "One Lap" events that year. Some wins by Steve and David in this White AWD CTR include 1st Virginia City Hillclimb 1995 David (time 3:24) /1st Virginia City Hill Climb 1992 ( Marilyn Beddor)/ Pikes Peak Hill Climb 1994 (3rd ) / The Silver State Classic (Marilyn) / Track Record, David at Brainerd International Raceway 1994 (217.7 sec) and many others. The Beddor Brothers today drive 2 Ruf ' YellowBird' AWD CTR2s built in 1997 on the 993 platform (with less horsepower, 530hp, but slightly lighter bodies). Watch for news !

Performance Data


Fuel System

Electrical System


Rear End





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