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1968 Winkelmann Palliser WDB-1 Formula B Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: tbd
Gearbox Number: tbd
Logbooks: SCCA
Condition: concours
Price: $49,900 $46,000 USD
Location: Ohio, Midwestern US
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This very good looking Formula B car has had a complete professional restoration down to the last detail. The comprehensive restoration is documented in the specifications below. Suffice it to say that every part of the car has been made new. The car has a test-time only 180 Hp. Ivey twincam and a spare Ivey twincam, dyno time only, is available for $15,000. The spare also dynoed at around 180 Hp.


The car was run by Robert Winkelmann in SCCA Nationals, 3 events in 1968 and 2 in 1969.
New Flash - 10/9/98:
We just recieved a phone call from Bob Winkelmann confirming his ownership of the car and with more historical details. In 1968 he ran 8 Nationals and two pro-series events, with 2 wins on the same weekend at different venues! This car was one of three produced in 1968 by Palliser and sold as Winkelmanns in the States. A few additional WDB1s were produced and the model was followed by the WDB2 of where 8 were produced. A competent car, The WDF series Formula Fords were based on the WDB series chassis which actually preceeded them. Bob has gratiously provided his contact information for any buyer wishing more information on the car and the marque.

For those unfamliar with the marque they are known as Pallisers in the UK, where they were manufactured. Bob sold the cars under his name in the States. Ex-Brabham and Lola designed Len Wimhurst was commissioned by Hugh Dibley to design the prototype Formula B car in 1967. Three copies were built in 1968, this being one of them. Understandably, the cars are said to be very similar in layout to the Brabham BT-29/30.

The Palliser/Winkelmann FBs were sold successfully in the States and followed by the WDF-series of Formula Fords, WDF1 in '69, WDF2 in 70, and WDF3 in 72, all very similar, differing primarily in bodywork. The cars were much favored for larger drivers, having generous cockpits. The firm was sold on in 1972 and the cars were produced as "Nomads", with some being sold as Winkelmann WDF6s in the States. A final F2000 car was produced in 1974.

Recent Competition History

test time only since restoration


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





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