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1968 Monocoque Can-Am Race Car Project SOLD

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Serial Number: none
Logbooks: none
Condition: 90% complete
Price: $38,500 USD ONO
Location: Sweden
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This most interesting project is estimated to be within $5,000 of being finsihed or 90% complete. The car is fitted with a small block Chevy but evidence of other engine fitment has been noticed. The actual maker is not known as the car was rescued from a Jaguar salvage yard in Florida. The only thing known was that the car was of late '60's vintage. If you want a most interesting 312P looking Can-Am Racer this project might be jsut what you're looking for.


This car was purchased from a Jaguar salvage yard in Florida 12 years ago as a burned-out wreck. There was no legible ID on the vehicle nor did the seller know its history, except that it was dated to the late '60's. The car was brought to the salvage yard by an insurance company. The puzzle goes deeper in the fact that a fiberglass nosepiece, the only large piece of bodywork that accompanied the car appears to be a Ferrari 312P nose. The 312P is of course the famous Enduro Racer of the early '70's. Visible in the photos also are fiberglass rocker panels that originally covered the chassis sides, they were painted in red and white horizontal stripes "just like a GT40." The owner fabricated a tail section to match the nosepiece as the original tailpiece was missing. many of the details suggest a machine built in the USA or Canada. Most likely it was built as a racer rather than a street car, because of the high-grade equipment used throughout. The evidence shows a car built by someone knowledgeable about the state of the art in the latter half of the 1960's.

Recent Competition History



Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





Can Am Car Listings Historic Sports Racer Listings Other Marques Listings

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