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1974 Rhubarb Model 2 Sports Racer Exclusive SOLD

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Logbooks: yes
Condition: good
Price: $15,000 USD ONO
Location: New Zealand
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Built by Adrian Rimmer & Colin Smith, designers of Tiga S2000 cars, number 2 in a series of 5 cars. First mentioned as being built October 1974. First raced at Manfield 14/15 December 1974 placing 7th.Driven by Colin Smith. It was rebodied before its next race at Manfield January '75 placing 3rd, then repainted in Auckland Building Society colours for Bay Park where it achieved pole position, 2nd place, and a lap record. It then raced at Pukekohe placing 3rd followed by Manfield placing 2nd & 3rd. Overall acheiving 3rd in championship 1x7th,4x2nds,2x3rds, lap records at B.P. and Manfield and pole at B.P. and Ruapuna.

Advertised for sale end of '75 season.

Reappeared '79-80 in the hands of Tino Korzelius with rotary power, no mention of him using it much. Bought by Dave Bull September '82, raced at Pukekohe 12 December '82 doing 1.19.3 before breaking a driveshaft. Sold to Murray Low still with rotary power August '83, fitted with Nissan. Raced Manfield 29/9/84 placing 7th, Taupo 19/1/85 4th, Manfield 9/2/85 9th,4th, Bay Park 10/3/85 dnf acheiving 7th overall in championship.

Sold to Trevor Larsen in '86 running Nissan SOHC Raced Pukekohe 12/10/86 dns broken ignition Taupo 23/11/86 placing 10th,10th, Bay Park 30/11/86 6th, 5th, Bay Park 24/3/87 DNF, 5th.

Sold April '87 to Chris Robertson who never used it, then to Andrew Blackberry who rebuilt it using Rhubarb 5's Mararn body modified, a new Mk8 Hewland and FJ20 Nissan power but didn't use it a lot due to engine problems, it was then sold to the current owner. It was then fitted a Nissan SR20 engine, first running at a clubmans meeting 28/10/95 as a shakedown. Pukekohe 12/12/95 Crashed in practise. Races red flagged and meeting cancelled due to inclement weather. Manfeild 17/2/96 DNF broken ignition Taupo 24/3/96 3rd , 3rd Taupo 27/4/96 Peter Benbrook driving dnf (flat tyre) 7th Manfeild 18/5/96 7th, 6th Manfeild 5/10/96 clubmans, running off FF grid. Manfeild 14/12/96 Richard Gillies driving. (No notes) Manfeild 15/2/97 DNF flywheel bolts pulled out of crank Taupo 22/3/97 4th ,3rd Taupo 29/3/97 4th, 5th Manfeild 19/4/97 reverse direction, raining, 2nd, 2nd ,3rd DNF while leading due to driver error. Manfield 6/9/97 clubmans running off FF grid Pukekohe 7/12/97 Peter Benbrook driving. DNF bodywork disintegration, 5th Leased car to Steve Bullot Taupo 5/12/98 DNS blown ignition Pukekohe 13/12/98 3rd, 4th Taupo 30/1/99 6th, DNF sick engine & blown diff Dynoed & new diff Taupo 21/2/99 DNF sheared driveshaft bolts Car returned Manfeild 16/5/99 clubmans (wet) running with FFs Manfield 24/7/99 clubmans running with FFs Fitted LSD Taupo 4/12/99 3rd, 3rd

Recent Competition History

Last raced 12/4/99 where it placed third.


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





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