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1959 DB Panhard HBR-5 Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: 1004
Engine Number: tbd
Gearbox Number: tbd
Logbooks: VSCCA
Condition: Concours
Price: $35,000 USD
Location: New Jersey, Eastern US
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This car is without a doubt the finest example of it's type in the world. It is suitable for historic racing, rallying, or show.

This car was completely restored over the period of 1983-1987. The restoration work was comprehensive and is detailed in the specifications below. At the time of the restoration the engine and transmission were checked, cleaned up, and both ran fine. Since the restoration the car has only accumulated 9 races. The last race was in 1994. The car then sat for two years in the owner's carpeted and climate-controlled museum. In 1996 the engine and gearbox were pulled out of the car for a factory (yes factory) overhaul. The engine has had no miles on it since. Performance:
Top Speed: 105 to 115 MPH. 1/4 mi: 18.9/10 0-60: 12 secs.


Panhard was one of the oldest names in car manufacturing, dating back to 1872. By 1955 they had lost their upmarket image and had to be rescued by Citroen, who eventually bought them in 1965. Their post-war design, the Dyna, featured a jem of a little 848cc air cooled flat twin, pushing out over 60 Hp in stock trim. The firm of DB, (Deutsch-Bonnet, the full names of the owners being dropped to avoid anti-German post-war sentiment) used this wonderful engine as the heart of thier advanced sports coupe, designed for endurance racing. It featured a very Lotus-like method of construction: a fibreglass monocoque astride a backbone chassis with outriggers at each end to accept the suspension.

The DB Panhard coupe was class H winner of virtually every important sports car race in the world. Deutsh-Bonnets have won 1600 race victories. This DB HBR5, based on the manufacturer's serial number, was an SCCA National car and also probably raced at Sebring and Daytona. According to Howard Hanna, SCCA National Champ in HP '59 and FP '61 and '62, this car is one of two pictured on the cover of the July 1962 Car and Driver.

Deutsch-Bonnet Bibliography (this car):
"Victory Lane 1988 Vintage Racing Yearbook"
"Victory Lane" January 1989 Volume 4, No. 1, Page 77
"Automobile Quarterly" 1993, Volume 32, No. 1 Page 84
"Autoweek" Oct 22, 1990, Philadelphia Vintage Car Show, Page 3
"Autoweek" Oct 15,1990, Escape Road
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Recent Competition History

1987: Pocono, Lime Rock Park; 1988: Pocono; 1989: Pocono; 1994:Fairmont Park Vintage Grand Prix


Fuel System






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