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1972 N.T.M. Mark IV B/Sports Racer Project Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: chassis#5
SCCA Roll Bar Designation: 007-294
Logbooks: none
Condition: car is 90% parts complete, 70% labor
Price: $15,000 $10,750 USD
Location: So. California USA
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Car includes rolling chassis with body. Engine and transaxle are mounted. Body needs mounting of doors, completion of interior stiffening and windscreen. Transmission needs installation of shift linkage. Dry sump and pump are installed on engine with all oil lines but a Titan Mark II pump drive wheel and belt are needed. Front and rear suspension is complete with the exception of shocks and springs. Steering is complete but steering wheel must be installed. Brakes are complete with the exception of rear brake rotors. Clutch is complete including slave cylinder and bracket. There are no gauges. All hydraulic lines and wiring must be completed.


(Names have been deleted but a complete history of this car and all cars built by Norcorss Tabin Manufacturing is available.) N.T.M. Chassis #5 (S.C.C.A. roll bar designation 007 294) was completed on May 30, 1972 and sold to a customer in Chicago. He resold the car without racing it to Owner #2, then powered by a Cosworth 1800 BDE. Again, after never racing it, Owner #2 sold it to Owner #3 in April 1975. Owner #3 raced the car with the Cosworth 1800 BDE and a Hart BDF engine in S.C.C.A. out of the Detroit Region. Owner #3 determined the major shortcomings of the car were braking, not getting the tires up to racing temperature and engine cooling. In an attempt to solve these problems he replaced the rear mounted radiator with two side mounted V.W. radiators, ducting the hot air onto the rear tires, a successful attempt to get the tires up to racing temperature and provide the additional cooling. Owner #3 also determined the front brakes were "marginal, only lasting 15 laps at Elkhart Lake". He later determined the brakes were wearing because of the brake pads did not pull back from the rotors due to spindle flex. The car was crashed heavily at Nelson Ledges in the fall of 1977 destroying the body, breaking the front suspension off at the outboard hiems joints and damaging the rear uprights. With all this damage the monocoque tub and Owner #3 remained unhurt. Owner #3 sold the car, after the wreck, to Owner #4 who removed the FT200 and the Ford, reconfiguring it with a 1000 cc Suzuki engine for D/SR. Owner #4 also fitted the car with a Mark II body, purchased from Steve Norcross. In this configuration it held a lap record at Waterford Hills. Owner #4 sold the car to an unknown subsequent owner who sold it to Chrysler Corporation of Detroit. Chrysler Design [Styling to the old fashioned guys] Office was investigating various low cost sporty concepts to rev up the Plymouth image. With budgets being extremely tight in the early 80's they bought the NTM tub as an appropriately sized, ready made, drivable buck for styling mock-ups. The Design team bought the tub and a standard KZ1000 engine. The previous owner kept the racing engine. A member of the Chrysler design team bought the Mk2 body and mated it to a Lola T440 FF. Chrysler moved the car to their Chrysler Pacifica operation in Encinitas, California in 1986. Chrysler Pacifica removed the engine and used it in some developmental work. Owner #6 bought the car from Chrysler Pacifica in 1987. Owner #7 bought the car from Owner #6 in 1993 and immediately sold it to the present owner.

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Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





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