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1967 Bizzarrini 5300 Strada Exclusive SOLD

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1967 Bizzarrini 5300 Strada Exclusive SOLD

Serial Number: 1A30268
Logbooks: was U.S. road registered
Condition: excellent, original
Price: $132,000 $115,000 USD
Location: Northeastern U.S.
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This extremely original example has had only 3 owners since new. Having a genuine 53,000 miles it has led an obviously pampered life. The prior owner was an avid Bizzarrini enthusiast who stored the car undriven for nearly 10 years. The current owner has returned it to roadworthy condition while taking car not to disrupt the slight patina that only an unrestored car can have. The owner rates the exterior paint and finish an 9+ and the interior an 8+, let down only by some dryness and a perished shifter boot. The engine is healthy but does exhibit some smoke, indicating that it could perhaps use some new valve guides.

The car is noteworthy in having the optional quad Weber setup in common with the competition cars.


The Bizzarrini Strada is a product of the intense and unyielding perfectionist Giotto Bizzarrini. A pivotal figure in the development of the Italian supercar, his association with various manufacturers rarely lasted long enough for his contribution to be properly acknowledged. At Ferrari he developed the 250GT into the legendary GTO but left the firm after a blow-up with the old man before the car ever appeared in competition. Without employment he took on the freelance task of designing the new V12 for Ferruccio Lamborghini, which he accomplished in an incredible four months. His intense and uncompromising nature virtually dictated that Giotto untimately produce a car under his own name.

Another freelance design project saw Bizzarrini hired to develop the Iso Rivolta for Renzo Rivolta, another Italian industrialist turned car builder. Bizzarrini instead urged Rivolta to construct a 2 seat endurance racer. Bertone, retained to do design, proceeded with an interpretation more along the lines of a classis GT and a yound Giugiaro, still in his employ, sketched a spacious coupe with quad headlights in a split grill. Construction of a prototyp began at Bertone. Bizzarrini, with an entirely different conception, began to build up a second prototype in his shop, based on a shortened and lightened chassis. He desired a mid engined layout but was forced to employ the Chevrolet V8, 4 speed, and de Dion rear of the Rivolta. His solution was to move the engine as far rearward as possible. Distributor access is through the top of the dasboard!

Since Bertone was building his own prototype Bizzarrini had his draftsman sketch an simple and very low body which was refined by Giugiaro. The prototype body was built by Drogo. Finally, at the Turin auto show there stood two versions of the new Iso Grifo. Both cars were so appealing that Rivolto opted to put both into production, Bertone's as the Grifo A3/L or Lusso and Bizzarrini's as the A3/C for competition. Bizzarrini then proceeded to organize the racing effort, basically on his own. Customer cars appeared at Sebring and European 1000k events. The Lemans effort resulted in a 14th in 1964 and a 9th in 1965, both class wins.

In 1966 Rivolta ended the relationship with Bizzarrini, the A3/L being secure in the Luxury GT marketplace. Unbelievably, Bizzarrini had registered the Grifo name! A deal was struck in which Bizzarrini was provided with kits to build 50 additional A3/Cs and Rivolta got his Grifo name back.

Bizzarrini commenced production under his own name, dubbing the car the 5300 after the Chevy 327's displacement in cubic centimeters. A road going version, the 5300 Strada, featured a higher level of trim than the race cars, and was offered with either the 310 Hp. Holley carbed version of the Corvette engine or the 365 Hp. quad Weber setup of the race car. After a total production of 139 cars of all types the works closed it's doors in 1969.

"Classic and Sportscar" for August 1996 has a feature article on the Iso Grifo A3/C prototype.


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive




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