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2009 Nissan GT-R Premium Edition SOLD

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Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $115,000.000  Currency_Convert
Location: Glenside / Phila. PA

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2009 Nissan GT-R Premium 725 WHP, Alpha 9, Motec M-1, FP Tran III This GT-R has several track records at Watkins Glen 2:09, Millville Lightning ( 1:03;48 ), VIR, etc. Like everyone else I had to suffer through a long list of OEM short coming that make this car poorly suited for a road course event longer then 15 mins in the summer. So in order to correct these problems one at a time and to enjoy the true race purebred buried deep inside beneath all the factory defects, I have upgraded this car with the following systems / parts. For 2 years non stop I have poured my heart, soul, wallet and engineering experience into solving every single problem that has limited the GT-R from being the truly great car that it was designed to be. How the factory every thought that 265 F engine coolant was going to adequately cool 285 F trans oil in a liquid to liquid heat exchanger the size of a soup can is a mystery to me. But, by adding the extra Setrab cores, fans, pumps, filters to the trans oil, Front and Rear diff oil, engine oil, systems even during the most brutal summer race this is the ONLY GT-R that will never red line the trans oil, cook the diff oil, or worse yet - drop into LIMP MODE doing 180 MPH on the back straight at Watkins Glen, or the bowl at Pocono !!! My attention to detail has been meticulous because I am an FAA Aircraft Mechanic and have built and restored many aircraft both prop and turbine and done 6 car projects as well. So the car is flawless in every respect and it still retains a 110% premium quality look interior ( can reinstall the rear seat cushions if you want ), exterior and under the hood. The car absolutely 100% street legal & currently registered and inspected in PA. A very serious contender for trophies at all shows and track events. I did not give into the idea that because I was building a racer that I could justify the use of sheet metal and pop rivets. Look at the detail for the rebound adjusters on the JRZ shocks - custom machined extensions - everyone else has to leave the rear storage deck out to get to the knob. Also look at the JRZ canister installations - well engineered and easy to get to - open the hood or trunk and instant access. Even the factory and Stillen suggest putting the front canisters in the battery & power steering compartments - SICK !!! - not in this car. Check out the overhead aviation type switch panel - not a panel cut into the dash with a razor knife and RTV caulk like some owners have done. This switch panel is where the overhead sunglass case was - and I had to temporarily remove the dash, all the A pillar trim, airbags, head liner to install all the fused wiring for this sub-panel with a Master - Front Diff Pump, Rear Diff pump, Trans oil pump, Fans, Aux. fuel transfer pump switch from the 18 gallon race fuel cell in the trunk, cool shirt pump, and Traqmate GPS Data Acquisition system master. Every switch has a unique LED indicator light on it so you can easily see what you have turned on while doing 170 MPH on the front straight at the Glen. That one switch panel speaks volumes as to the detail that has gone into all the work on this car. I have over $ 120 K invest in just PARTS and SUB Contracts, not including my 2,000 man-hours for engineering, fab, and install in the car beyond the current market value. 1 – 2009 Premium GT-R w/ 9,200 miles, 1 owner - no damage – Engine is 100% stock except the plugs. Have carfully stayed below the engine limit of 750 WHP– and current tuned to 690 WHP & 560 Ft-lbs. of torque 2 – Alpha 9 AMS Upgrade to 725 - 750 CHP ( 950 HP MAX possible ) & 20” boost ( Drag or Street Tune ) - Installed by AMS in their Chicago Shop $ 28,000 The Alpha 9 package for your Nissan GT-R offers the most reliable bolt-on horsepower available and we have proven results to back it up. This package offers stock-like turbo spool up and drivability while boosting power output to an astounding 950 horsepower on race gas and 850 horsepower on pump gas. The Alpha 9 package has more accolades than any other US or Foreign Performance package available --- bar none ! AMS Nissan GT-R Alpha 9 Performance Upgrade Package This package offers stock-like turbo spool up while boosting power output to an astounding 900+ horsepower on race gas and 800+ on pump gas. Motor trend magazine said it was the quickest car they have ever tested! ________________________________________ AMS price: $24999.95 UNINSTALLED - JUST FOR PARTS AMS Alpha 9 Package Includes the items below PLUS it was factory Installed by AMS the designers of the System - believe me YOU DO NOT - NOT - want to do the dual Bosch 44 fuel pump install yourself - by necessity it is 8 #'s in a 5 # bag all working through a 6" opening in the right saddle tank - after you dump 100% of all the fuel in both tanks. You have to clock each worm clamp so in its final position the worm screw and tail don't fowl something else - also have to trim all hose clamp bands to precise lengths so there isn't any excess - it's insane - but worth it once you get on the dyno and see those 800 ++ ponies. I had them dial back the tune to protect the internals - and at 725 -750 HP you are very safe with the stock engine. • Alpha 90mm Cat-less Downpipes (catalytic converters available) • Stillen 90mm Mid-pipe • Stillen Exhaust System • Alpha 9 Billet Wheel Upgraded Turbochargers • Alpha Spec Waste gate Actuators • Alpha Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade • Alpha Induction Kit with Tial Q Blow-off Valves • Alpha Spec Upgraded Fuel Injectors • Alpha Fuel System Upgrade • Cobb Access PORT Tuning System • Alpha Calibration Map(s) (Alpha 3.8L Race Engine required for race gas map) 3 – MoTec M-1 ECU replacing OEM ECU ( Nissan ECU Included ) 12,000 4 - 5 Setrab Cores, 6 pumps, filters, Elec. & Mech to cool Front rear Diffs Trans oil, Eng. Oil, and Eng. Coolant, 5,000 5 - JRZ 3-Way Shocks, & Stillen 5-Way Sway F/R sway Bars, 17, 500 6– SPA Fire Suppression System – 4 L Engine compartment and driver’s seat 700 SPA Manual 4 Liter Multi-Flo AFFF Alloy Bottle System The SPA Design "Firefighter" Extinguisher Systems are specifically designed for use in competition vehicles and offer the latest in on board fire suppression technology. Utilizing SPA "Lite" AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) these non-toxic ozone friendly systems give the competitor the same level of protection whether driving Formula 1 or Club Racing. MFE 400 Alloy Includes: * 6 Nozzles * 5 Tee's * 15 ft. Decabon Tubing * Charged to 8 Bar . 7 - Dodson Adj. Front Upper Control Arms – Can get -5 degrees of camber 3,000 8 - SPL Rear Toe & Camber Links 1,000 9 – Custom Direct water injection system for front rotors 2,500 10 – Trans Upgrade – John Sheppard Stage II 5,000 11 – Sharif @ Forged Performance Stage III Trans Upgrade 14,000 12 – 3M 10 mil FILM 80% of Car – LIFETIME Warranty 5,500 13 – Custom CF Hood, front bumper & splitter, & Custom Tie Rod System 18,000 14 – APR 500 Rear wing 4,500 15 – CRB / York PA - 50% Larger Radiator 800 16 - 2 Race Seats DR: Recaro Pro Hans, Pax: Sparco EVO I/ plates / frames / sliders 3,500 17- Custom Hardware & new 2014 Scorth Pro Hans 6 point race in driver’s seat 3,200 18 – Titan Roll / harness Bar 2,200 19 – Forge Eng. coolant Header tank w/ sight glass 600 20 – FIA 18 Gallon Fuel cell in trunk 1,200 21 – COOL SHIRT Installation w/ cooler, hose & electrics 700 22 – AP Rotors, Ferodo Pads, stainless lines 8,700 23 – COBB Rev 6 – ECM & TCM A/P Tuner 1,600 24 - Digital AEM A/F Meter 400 25 – Stillen CAT delete mid Y pipe & new Exhaust system & lagging 3,200 26 – 12: Enkai 18" gold Rims w/ heat cycled 4 Sq Hoosier 295/680R18 R-100 5,000 27 - Qty: 32 – NEW Hoosier 295/680R18 Oval R-100 Slicks 11,500 28 - Too many more upgrades and items even to list. 29 - Many extra and parts, rotors, pads, plugs, fluids, available at a discount but not included in the base price. 30 – In its current configuration this GT-R is 100% Street Legal in 52 states and registered and driven regularly on PA public roads. Car in Philadelphia PA – Selling for personal life changing events


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