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2007 Radical SR3 RS 1580cc SOLD

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Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $55,000 O.B.O  Currency_Convert
Location: Deerfield Beach, FL

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Please allow ALL PICTURES to load - there are a LOT of pictures on this page, and it shows the quality of the car, together with a breadth of spares.

This is my baby. Its a 2007 Radical SR3 1580cc Sport Racer with the High Downforce kit, large Brake Kit and 3 piece lightweight wheels. This car is the highest specification of Radical SR3's for endurance racing. It has been campaigned extremely lightly with the PBOC Florida championship (part of the Radical Cup). Prior to me, the car was owned by the President of Radical US - Larry Huang. It has been maintained by Foreign Affairs Motorsports in West Palm Beach since my ownership - the US South East Radical service dealer.

The car has a BRAND NEW 1580cc 270hp engine - built by Foreign Affairs Motorports at a cost of $16,000 (receipts included). The ONLY hours on this engine are from 20 warmup laps at Daytona and the monthly service routine while at Foreign Affairs. Since a Radical Hyabusa Engine needs a rebuild after 25 hours - this demonstrates a SIGNIFICANT saving over any other Radical SR3 on the market today.

Secondly, the engine is a 1580cc engine. More than 20hp over a standard 1500cc engine, this is the penultimate weapon in sports racing. Its results speak for itself - before the engine upgrade, the car was able to achieve a 2' 11" lap at Sebring in the hands of Chris Hall and 2' 14" in my hands. With the new engine, this car should be able to achieve sub 2' 10" in the right hands.

NOT ONLY THAT - but this radical also includes the G2X Package ! This GPS/Telemetry package is a $4000 option with Radical and provides exceptional timing and track mapping.

The car is located in West Palm Beach at Foreign Affairs - NOT in Jacksonville. During the term of the auction, I can arrange for anyone to visit the car during business hours.

This car has ALWAYS been maintained by Authorized Radical Dealer or by Radical themselves. This car is exceptionally easy to drive, and exceptionally stable on the track. Pick up the car in your own trailer, or have Foreign Affairs continue to run the car under their "arrive and drive" program.

The colors are all in Red/White and Blue Vinyl. The design of the British Flag merging into the US flag is my own design and works well for a British Radical being raced in the US ! Please note that this IS a racecar, and there will be stone chipping/scratches on the bodywork.

The car weighs approximately 1200lb dry - providing about 466hp/ton power to weight ratio ! In comparison, a Porsche GT3 Street car provides about 250hp/ton and a Corvette provides about 200hp/ton. Neither of those cars can handle 2.5 G's of lateral force through corners...!

I purchased this car at the end of 2007 after it had already been campaigned in Floridas' PBOC (Porsche/BMW Owners Club) by the president of Radical USA in the previous season. Larry had won that championship - and I started 2008 with the car newly painted and with the 1500cc engine. After successfully campaigning the car, by June 2008, the engine needed a rebuild - and Bob Varela (president of PBOC and owner of Foreign Affairs Racing) built a new 1580cc engine from scratch. The car was tested around Daytona at around 90% speed - just to warm up the engine. I felt the engine pulled a LOT more than the prior engine - but unfortunately due to the economy, the money ran out and I decided to no longer campaign the car during 2009 or 2010.

I am a 5'11" driver who weighs 260lb. The car is surprisingly comfortable - I have even run the car in 90 minute endurance races, and compared to other cars, the Radical is incredibly comfortable. If you're worried about the car and you're a larger driver - call or email me. This car would fit most people through to 6'4".

This is NO "trailer queen" pretty car. Its a serious, real racecar that has been able to clinch results, winning at the very highest form of road racing - beating and frustrating well known drivers with its handling and performance. Obviously, there are the usual nicks, scrapes and scratches associated with any race car and it is important for you to visually inspect the car prior to bidding. However, the car IS ready to race, and I am prepared to assist anyone in obtaining their license and racing the Radical.

If the new customer plans to race PBOC events - then I will provide as much instruction and assistance as possible to help obtain their race license and to help them race the car through their first event.


Event Track Race Type Pos'n Overall Pos'n Class Best Lap

PBOC Winterfest 2007* Sebring 90' Enduro 3rd 1st 2'14.526"

PBOC Winterfest 2007* Sebring Saturday 30' race 14th 5th 2'14.453"

PBOC Races 2007* Moroso Enduro Qualifying 13th 5th 1'35.372"

PBOC Races 2007* Moroso 60' Enduro 5th 3rd 1'33.159"

PBOC Races 2007* Moroso Sunday Qualifying 5th 3rd 1'31.950"

PBOC Races 2007* Moroso Sunday 30' Sprint Race 2nd 2nd 1'31.974"

PBOC Races 2007* Moroso Sunday 30' Sprint Race 2nd 2nd 1'29.494"

PBOC Springfest 2007* Sebring Enduro Qualifying 2nd 1st 2'13.059"

PBOC Springfest 2007* Sebring Enduro Retired (8 laps) 2'11.385"

PBOC Springfest 2007* Sebring Sprint Qualifying 5th 3rd 2'13.765"

PBOC Springfest 2007* Sebring 30' Sprint Race 1 6th 3rd 2'12.163"

PBOC Springfest 2007* Sebring Enduro Qualifying 2nd 1st 2'13.059"

PBOC Sebring October 2007 Sebring 60' Enduro 10th 3rd 2'15.152"

PBOC Sebring October 2007 Sebring 30' Sprint (Wet) 7th 2nd 2'19.269"

PBOC Winterfest 2008 Sebring Qualifying (Wet) 2nd 1st 2'39.143"

PBOC Winterfest 2008 Sebring 90' Enduro 69th 7th 2'28.756"

PBOC Winterfest 2008 Sebring Qualifying 22nd 4th 2'18.751"

PBOC Winterfest 2008 Sebring 25' Sprint Race (Wet) 40th 8th 2'18.011"

PBOC Winterfest 2008 Sebring 40' Sprint Race 10th 3rd 2'14.128"

PBOC Races Moroso Practice 5th 4th 1'35.078"

PBOC Races Moroso Qualifying 4th 4th 1'31.605"

PBOC Races Moroso 90' Enduro 2nd 2nd 1'30.217"

PBOC Races Moroso Sunday Qualifying 4th 4th 1'33.381"

PBOC Races Moroso Sunday Sprint Race 1 2nd 2nd 1'31.921"

PBOC Races Moroso Sunday Sprint Race 2 Retired (gearbox) 1'32.622"

PBOC Barber Barber Sunday Qualifying 10th 3rd 1'37.518"

PBOC Barber Barber Sunday Sprint 1 7th 3rd 1'35.764"

PBOC Races Barber Sunday Sprint 2 Retired (engine) 1'36.475"

PBOC Daytona 2008 Daytona Enduro (New Engine) Retired (6 laps) 2'11.750"

(* - previous owner)

Fastest Laptimes at Sebring - 2'11.385" and at Moroso - 1'29.494" What the above shows is both reliable finisher and a fast car - the car has finished all but two races with me at the wheel (1 for a Gearbox issue - which was rebuilt by Radical, the other for the engine prior to the rebuild).

This car beats all Porsche GT3's, Corvettes and Viper R's. At Sebring, there are VERY few cars that can keep up with the radical around Turns 17 and 1 due to the incredible downforce !

None of the above lap records were achieved with the extra 20 horsepower - representing an additional 8% of horsepower.

Quite literally, the car feels solid and reliable on the track. There are very little maintenance tasks to undertake - including checking the nuts/bolts after every event, changing belts and plugs, refreshing all fluids and realigning/setting the camber. Its a true "arrive and drive" vehicle !

Recent Competition History

2007 PBOC Championship- 1st in Class 2008 PBOC Champtionship - 3rd in Class

Performance Data


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Rear End





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